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Monster Sounds Killer Acapellas 4

By | July 31, 2016


Monster Sounds Killer Acapellas 4
Size 1.16 Gb

Killer Acapellas Vol 4′ by Monster Sounds brings you eight more killer royalty-free vocal acapellas for you to twist up into what ever genre you fancy. Fed up of having to re-use the same vocals everyone else has caned over the years, or risk being sued for sampling someone else’s work? Look no further than this pack.

There’s always a point in making your track when you want to add in something to make your tune stand out and take it to the next level, or perhaps you want to build a full vocal-based song from the ground up, not just have a repeated vocal loop all the way through?

Monster Sounds have enlisted two vocalists for this pack, one Male and one Female, both are professional singer/songwriters and are well-travelled, perform live and in the studio with renowned producers and artists, and written top lines for major label talent.

To add more credentials to this pack the production team at Monster Sounds, who have also top-lined, produced and engineered many vocal sessions from the underground to commercial singers and rappers, including gold selling artists, have left no stone unturned in the making of this pack so you can rest assured these are pro quality vocals.

There are 8 full acapeallas ranging in tempo, each based around different song ideas and subjects to give maximum flexibility for producers in all different genres.

All vocals are suited to electronic music production, but also could be equally flipped into a more acoustic or traditional instrument based music or whatever you can think of.

You get eight full songs, compromising verse, chorus, and in some cases the bridge parts of a song, also extra harmony parts are added so it is possible to build more progressive layers as the track builds, and to finish it of there are adlibs to really spice thing up.

This is to give the full flexibility of either grabbing a simple single line hook to loop, or to have the tools to construct a full song with a traditional verse, chorus arrangement.

The vocals have also been double tracked (in many cases multi-tracked) this is so you can get that huge stacked sound in the chorus of your song if that’s the sound you prefer, or simply have one track for a more bare intimate sound.

The vocals are recorded and engineered in the highest quality and given to you at 24-Bit so can easily be time stretched and pitch shifted of needed to suit different track tempos with minimal quality loss.

The parts are laid out to make them as user friendly as possible. Firstly all songs are bounced as a fully mixed acapella version, laid out in verse chorus arrangement. These versions have double tracking of the vocals and are mixed in stereo so they are a ready to drop straight in to any tune.

You get a “Dry” FX free version of this acapella and also a “wet” effected version.

All of the parts have also been supplied as totally dry individual stems, so you have total control over your vocals.

All the individual stems that make the double tracks and harmonies are there for you to tweak your mix exactly how you want.

Finally there are “Sections” here for the main blocks of each song. For example the chorus, verse, and bridge chunks of the vocal, stacked as a fully double tracked chunk, so you can re-arrange the sections however you feel you want to. The reason for this is in the full acapellas there may be overlaps that would make any editing difficult so these “Sections” give you the flexibility to work however suits you. These are bounced again in dry and wet versions.

The vocals were recorded using a 1980’s Numann u87 mic with a Focusrite isa430 channel strip.


• All I Can See 122 BPM – G
• Binary 140 BPM – D#
• Games 140 BPM = D
• Like a Drum 128 BPM – G
• Rivers 174 BPM – G#
• Too Young 140 BPM – F#
• Was It You 140 BPM – F#
• Watch Me Fall 140 BPM – D

Please Note:
The demo music is not included in this pack, only the vocals! The demo is made up from other Monster Sounds pack Content and other sounds.

• 24-Bit Quality
• 2.28 GB
• 8 Unique Vocal Tracks
• 226 Vocal Stems
• 210 REX2 Files

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Demo Previews:=”1″]
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Soundbox Impacts, Risers and Drops 4

By | July 31, 2016


Soundbox Impacts, Risers and Drops 4
Size 3.03 Gb

Impacts, Risers & Drops 4 is here as demanded by our end users due to the increasing popularity of our ready to go, hi-quality production tools.

This latest pack is a huge 4GB of the latest FX crafted for multi genres and covers tempos ranging from 120 to 128 and 140BPM. In each of the 3 Bpm synced folders you will find 300 loops split into 3 sections of Drops, Risers and Impacts. A total of 900 loops make up this monster release, which we pride ourselves as being the biggest and best value FX collection available anywhere.

More insane crescendo-building Risers, speaker-cracking Drops and section-defining Impacts make up just part of what is achievable form this amazing collection. Make sure you stay ahead of the rest with our ready to drop FX loops by incorporating them into your crescendos, break-downs and section changes for professional music production.

Fans of Deep House, Techno, Grime, Tech House, Progressive, Dubstep, Electro and Glitch alike will find this whopping selection of FX an absolute must for their audio weaponry. Music made in the style of Jack Ü, Stormzy, Showtek, Martin Garrix, Eric Prydz, Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig, Hot Since 82, Knife Party, Rudimental and Gorgon City will all find this FX collection a must-have for their audio weaponry.

4.04 GB
24 Bit High Quality WAV Files
900 loops
Risers, Drops & Impacts
120Bpm, 128Bpm & 140Bpm

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Demo Preview:=”1″]
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CG3 Audio HyTune$ 2

By | July 31, 2016


CG3 Audio HyTune$ 2
Size 332 Mb 

‘HyTune$ 2’ is the sequel to the chart-destroying, uber-unique Urban Chic first Volume. The masterminds at CG3 Audio have concocted five of the most mind-altering, genre-bending OvO/Trap inspired Kits ever created. Packed with moody melodies and emo synths, combined with earth shattering 808’s and shotgun snares.
Cg3 is bringing infinite audio to your productions. ‘HyTune$ 2’ will take you your Tune$ higher than ever before.

CG3’s sounds can be heard on television channels such as MTV, Bravo, VH1, TNT, TBS, Spike, and in hit records by 2Chainz, Future, Soulja Boy, Yo Gotti, Chief Keef, Kirko Bangz, B.O.B, Doe B, DJ Paul, internet sensation Riff Raff and many more.

You can own these same quality samples Royalty-Free. Just load into your favourite DAW or sampler.

All sounds are professionally recorded, edited, mixed and mastered utilising the best gear available, including:

• Avalon
• Rupert Neve Designs
• Sony C800G Microphones
• Apogee Symphony
• Summit Audio
• Eventide
• Bricasti
• Manley Outboard Technologies

Product Details:

• 5 Construction Kits
• 5 Fully Mastered Mixes
• 93 WAV Files
• 5 FLPs
• 911 MB of Content

Part 1
Part 2

Demo Preview:=”1″]
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Echo Sound Works Evoxa Update For Kontakt

By | July 30, 2016

Echo Sound Works Evoxa Update
Size 388 Mb 

Echo Sound Works, the creators of the best selling KONTAKT library Sub Zero 808, is excited to bring you a brand new KONTAKT instrument called EVOXA. It’s a multi-genre vocal chops engine for producers and DJ’s. EVOXA comes loaded with almost 1 gigabyte of samples making up 200 KONTAKT presets.

We designed EVOXA for music producers looking for easily playable, fine tuned, inspiring vocal chops perfect for multiple genres of music including Future Bass, Trap, Deep House, Hip Hop, RnB, Chillout, Future House, Melbourne Bounce, Tropical House and so much more.

This library is truly one of a kind and its a lot of fun to play with.

The KONTAKT instruments come with an easy to use custom interface that gives you all the control you need to seamlessly integrate any of the vocal chops into your productions.

EVOXA comes with a simple yet highly effective GUI interface for NI KONTAKT giving you complete control over:

VOICING MODES These will determine playback mode like Monophonic, Legato and Polyphonic.
WARP The Warp mode allows you to speed up or slow down the sample length. Perfect for getting the chops or individual notes to fit with your BPM.
MODULATION This includes controls like Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release.
PORTAMENTO This module gives you control over glide time and glide mode. Advanced options like note priority is available.
REVERB We’ve included a reverb section to add depth to the vocal chops.
UNISON ENGINE This will allow you to create wide unison leads out of any of the patches.


Part 1   Part 2


Emotions: Dark Beauty Serum Presets

By | July 30, 2016

Emotions: Dark Beauty Serum Presets

Emotions: Dark Beauty Serum Presets
Size 6 Mb 

Emotions: Dark Beauty serum presets is a collection of cutting edge modern sounds for serum, focusing on creating real feelings and emotions in your music.

There are a lot of serum presets collections out there, however very few which showcase this amazing synths more emotional side.

Whether you want your track to be heart-warming or heart breaking, passionate or poignant, mellow or melancholy, this collection features a wide panorama or deep and meaningful serum sounds.

With 128 breathtaking, expertly crafted presets, the onus here is on providing a collection of go-to bewitching emotional sounds to add real weight and feeling into your music.

The dark beauty sounds will add the perfect style and substance to many styles of music, from chill trap and future bass, modern pop and rnb, future garage uplifting dnb , ambient electronica and cinematic film scores.

In the collection you will find:

lush beautiful pads and strings
poignant keys
subtle wide rich bass
evolving complex fx
evolving modulation sequences
cinematic rhythms and drums
soaring solo leads and hook-line instruments

Emotions: Dark beauty offers a spine tingling, poignant palette of modern sounds guaranteed to put some real emotion into your productions.

lXfer Serum Presets (Latest Version)
l128 Serum Presets
l19 Bass
l11 Keys
l15 Leads
l16 Pads
l10 Rhythmic
l23 Mod Sequencers
l22 Poly Synths
l12 FX

Demo Preview:

Groove3 ReFX NEXUS2 Explained

By | July 30, 2016


Groove3 ReFX NEXUS2 Explained
Size 210 Mb 

reFX NEXUS2 is one of preferred ROMplers of EDM hitmakers everywhere, and in this video tutorial series, synth expert Scottie Dugan takes you through how you can find and tweak just the sound you’re looking for in this massive library of sounds.

Scottie begins by explaining that a ROMpler is an instrument in which you don’t create your own sounds, but rather select sounds from a huge internal library and then adjust parameters to taste.

He then shows you around the interface, and the main parameters on the front panel for precise sonic tweaking, as well as the Display and how you can use it to get real-time information on how you have modified the loaded presets.

After that, Scottie explains how you can control the synth with a MIDI controller and other modulation sources, such as the Modulation Matrix and LFO section.

The flexible and easy to use arpeggiator is next, as well as a breakdown of the Trance Gate, which uses a gate to automate volume and more.

Scottie now explores the Frequency Analyzer which displays NEXUS 2’s output, so you can also see your sound instead of just hearing it, which allows for better tweaking.

That leads to a deep dive into Layer and Oscillator parameters, as well as the mixer and routing of effects.

Finally, Scottie reveals more global parameters wrapping up your tour of this monster EDM machine.

Whether you’re new to NEXUS2 or an existing user looking to expand on the factory settings and find you;re own voice, watch “reFX NEXUS2 Explained” today!


Part 1   Part 2

EdmProd Start To Finish Future House Edition

By | July 30, 2016


EdmProd Start To Finish Future House Edition
Size 4.2 Gb

Discover the tricks and techniques behind future house production with a pro producer (Ultra, Universal, Armada)

Start to Finish: Future House Edition is a comprehensive 13-video tutorial where renowned producer Hyperbits walks you through the creation of a future house track, explaining the process step-by-step. You’ll pick up tricks, techniques, and develop key production skills that will aid you in your next project.

Video 1: Creating an Idea (25 min)
If you’re like the majority of other producers, you probably struggle to come up with decent ideas.

Idea generation is perhaps the most important and most challenging part of music production, which is why the first two videos are dedicated to exactly that.

Serik shows that coming up with ideas doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

You’ll discover the benefits to using a basic template, how to create a memorable vocal hook, and how to craft a chord progression around said vocal hook.

Video 2: Idea Development (47 min)
The initial idea has been created, but it needs some surrounding elements.

In video 2, you’ll learn how to layer pianos for extra energy and an enhanced sound, cut up vocals to create synth-like pads, build intricate percussion loops, and create a slamming future house bassline.

Video 3: Initial Mixing (57 min)
Ideas mean nothing if they aren’t presented well.

Mixing is tough. It requires a lot of time and effort to become great at mixing, but there are tricks and techniques that can help you regardless of what stage you’re at.

In the third video, you’ll learn about the most important mix technique – gain staging, how to organize your mixing workflow, stereo imaging, mixing the kick and bass, how to use EQ effectively and much more.

Video 4: Basic Structure (6 min)
Now that the initial mixing is done, the track is starting to take shape. But it doesn’t have much of a structure yet.

And without a structure, it’s not really a track.

Video 4 will show you how to map out a dance & radio friendly structure.

Note: if you struggle to get out of the common “8-bar loop problem,” then this is the video for you.

Video 5: The Break (21 min)
Transitioning from a high-energy to low-energy section is a difficult and dangerous task.

If the energy drops too low, the listeners lose interest. If it stays too high, there isn’t enough contrast.

In video 5, you’ll learn how to create smooth transitions, use FX, induce tension with pads, and effectively use automation to create movement.

Video 6: The Build (22 min)
Want to build maximum tension leading into the drop?

Video 6 will show you how to do just that.

Learn how to get the build going fast with samples and FX, chop vocals for the build, create intricate, live-sounding snares, and layer 909s.

Video 7: The Drop (27 min)
The drop…

It’s that part that everyone wants to really nail. It’s the part that listeners get excited for.

But if you slip up even a little bit, your whole song is ruined.

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a drop sound BIG and memorable.

Video 8: Final Arrangement (6 min)
Do you overcomplicate arrangement?

After watching this video you’ll recognize how simple it really is.

Learn the one arrangement tip that’ll save you a TON of time and help you get “unstuck.”

Video 9: Transitions + Second Break (23 min)
Transitions are touched on in video 5, but this video expands on ’em.

You’ll learn how to transition in the second break, use a delay plugin as a transitional tool, and also add a little extra to the second break (to make it more interesting).

Video 10: Intros & Outros (11 min)
Do your intros lack energy?

As a producer, you need to engage the listener from the very start of the track. That means creating an intro that has the perception of energy.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this video – how to create an energetic and interesting intro.

Video 11: Pre-Mixdown Details (15 min)
Ever finished a mixdown and realized you could have added more to the track?

Pre-mixdown preparation is important for this very reason.

In video 11, you’ll learn how to add energy to the drop with white noise, add static & atmosphere in the breaks, layer the kick drum, and organize your tracks for maximum workflow during mixing.

Video 12: Final Mixing (27 min)
What’s the biggest struggle producers have?

It’s not workflow, creativity, or sound design. It’s mixing.

And for good reason. Mixing is hard. This video won’t make you a world-class mix engineer, but it will give you a practical approach to mixing that doesn’t take hours upon hours of your time.

Video 13: Mastering (24 min)
Mastering seems like an elusive, difficult process. And while there’s something to be said for professional mastering engineers, it’s definitely worth learning to self-master.

The final video in the STF will focus on exactly that. How to master a track (without overcomplicating the process).

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

Demo Preview:=”1″]
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Dirty Production Dirty Trap Beats

By | July 30, 2016


Dirty Production Dirty Trap Beats
Size 526 Mb 

‘Dirty: Trap Beats’ by Dirty Production is a great Trap pack loaded with 10 Construction Kits made for all Urban/EDM producers out there. Inside you will find more than 240 files, including Massive & Sylenth1 presets. MIDI is provided. If you are looking for deep, punchy beats and inspiration, this pack is for you.

In this pack you’ll find the most stunning Dirty & Deep Trap sounds and melodies. MIDI and dry loops are included. If you are looking for some extraordinary sounds and fresh ideas for your mixes this pack is definitely for you.

All Kits are loaded with the freshest and most unique sounds including perfectly distorted 808s and a wide variety of sound design techniques to make this pack stand out.

Unique snare rolls, drums, synths and melodies make this a super rare must-have product for any serious Trap & Urban producer. Don’t forget to check also some other Construction Kits by Dirty Production, the sub-label of W.A. Production.

Product Details:

• 10 Construction Kits
• Massive & Sylenth1 Presets
• MIDI Included
• Fully Mixed Tracks
• PC/Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Demo Preview:=”1″]
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Prime Loops Rasta Vocal Samples 2

By | July 29, 2016

rasta-vocal-samples-2-PRIME LOOPS-pl0143_rasta_vocal_samples_2_square_cover

Prime Loops Rasta Vocal Samples 2
Size 169 Mb 

You know how we run tings, seen? Prime Loops bringing the fire once again, this time burnin’ hotter than a volcano! Feel the full force of this exclusive release, long-awaited since the massive impact of our all-time bestseller “Rasta Vocal Samples” – as used by the biggest names in the game like Crookers, Major Lazer, Doctor P and Adam F, just to name a few.

We’ve taken three top notch ragga MCs back into the studio for another blazing lyrical session, giving you a full array of original shouts and fearless phrases fit for any bass-heavy backing track. Whether you write jungle, dancehall, dubstep, tropical, drumnbass or breaks, spice up your latest instrumental with some authentic ragga vocal flavours, hot from the booth and ready to download.

Recorded in crystal clear high definition audio by our experienced engineers, these superior 24-bit files drop right into the mix and ensure dancefloor-ready results every time. As well as precision-cut WAVs for any software, you also get over 15 patch file presets for Kontakt, EXS24, NN-XT, Halion and SFZ, giving you even more ways to flex your skills in the studio or onstage.

Accept no imitations! Our 100% royalty-free deal lets you keep the rights to your riddims, and every file is triple quality checked by engineers and performers for maximum power in your mixing desk. Back up your badman beats with the heavyweight delivery of professional MCs spitting bigtime rasta vocals for you and yours! Fiya inna area!

Download contains:

35 Club Vocal Hits
22 Long Vocal Hits
101 Rasta Phrase Hits
68 Short Vocal Hits
62 Processed Vocal Hits
24 Bit Quality

Demo Preview:=”1″]
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Soul Rush Records Future Garage and Electronica

By | July 29, 2016


Soul Rush Records Future Garage and Electronica
Size 696 Mb 

Future Garage & Electronica is an arsenal of inspiring material for all things, deep, warm, melodic and organic. It contains loosely swung percussive loops, sprinkling fairy-dust-like hi-hats, crunchy lo-fi percussive hits, evolving string loops, screwface-making basslines, deep & dark synth loops and crisp, heavily-processed vocal loops. You’ll find something in here that’s perfect for any project.

Allow this to be your brand new tool box, full to the brim with blissful, morphing samples that lend themselves perfectly as layers to your music. These sounds have been sourced from real-world instruments and recordings and have been processed with an array of different techniques, from adding subtle, discrete saturation & resonances to in your face, heavily-driven tape distortion & long, echoing reverbs & delays to ensure you’re feeling fully inspired, and have all the ingredients you need to create your best work to date.

24 Bit Quality
30 Bass Loops
81 Melodic Loops
54 Percussive and Drum Loops
15 Textures and FX
31 Vocal Loops and One Shots
13 Bass One Shots
35 Melodic One Shots and Stabs
16 Claps And Snares
18 Cymbals and Hats
49 Foley Percussion Hits

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Demo Preview:=”1″]
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Pulsed Records Club Classics Vocals Only

By | July 29, 2016


Pulsed Records Club Classics Vocals Only
Size 226 Mb 

‘Club Classics: Vocals Only’ by Pulsed Records delivers a cutting-edge collection of vocal Construction Kits. Recorded by a professional session vocalist in top quality studio in London, these vocal Kits are ready to drop into your DAW and released on top record labels, all with a 100% Royalty Free licence.
Suitable for a wide range of genres, such as House, Dance, Pop and more, this product features lead vocals, backing vocals, harmonies, whispers and more.

All vocals are available as dry and processed versions, so you can use the effect processing heard in the product demo, or easily apply your own effects to any Vocal section of your choice.

Please Note:

This product contains vocals only. Instrumentation heard in the product demo are for promotional purposes only and is not included in this pack.

Product Details:

• 5 WAV Vocal Construction Kits
• Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Harmonies, Whispers, Reversed Reverb
• Dry & Processed Vocals
• 128 BPM
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz Quality
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Compatible with all DAWs

Part 1
Part 2

Demo Preview:=”1″]
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DopeBoyz DopeBoy Drums Vol 1 & 2

By | July 29, 2016


DopeBoyz DopeBoy Drums Vol 1 & 2
Size 433 Mb 

“DopeBoy Drums Vol.1” is the first official Maschine Masters Member Kit, put together by the Germany based producer duo The DopeBoyz.
The Kit comes with over 170 Drum Sounds + Bonus material (instrumental trackouts) from the following DopeBoyz productions:


In addition to the One-Shot-Samples in wav format, this Drum Kit includes libraries for Maschine 1.8, Battery 4 and Kontakt 5 so you can easily integrate these drums into your workflow.
All the sounds are professionaly mixed and mastered, 100% no recycled trash sounds!

The Germany based producer duo The DopeBoyz are back with their second installment of the popular Dope Boy Drum series. DopeBoy Drums Vol.2 is royalty free and has over 250 sounds including instrument loops, drum loops, effects, one shot drum samples, vocals, percussion and more. This multi format kit comes in Battery, Kontakt and .wav format for all major samplers and daw’s such as Maschine, MPC Renaissance, Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools etc.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Demo Previews:=”1″]
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]
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Martin Sampleware House Pianos Deep and Tropical Vol 1

By | July 29, 2016


Martin Sampleware House Pianos Deep and Tropical Vol 1
Size 111 Mb

‘House Pianos: Deep & Tropical’ brings you professional quality melodies suitable for various genres, including Tropical, Deep House & Future Bass. Martin Sampleware carefully studied the biggest hits and entrusted session pianist Tom Lorimer with crafting unique melodies for aspiring producers looking for the next chart-topper. Artist influences include Kygo, Dusky, Alan Walker, Seeb, Flume, Sigala & Philip George.

Don’t waste time laboriously drawing in an uninspired MIDI pattern, channel the melodies and “full” chord sound of a professional pianist in an instant. With the melody covered, you can get down to the fun part – designing a killer sound. WAV exports of each MIDI file are included to let you road test each melody. All melodies were played through the iconic Korg M1 VSTi. Use the samples as is or drag in the MIDI melody to get under the hood and shape your own soundscape.

‘House Pianos: Deep & Tropical’ comes from the Martin Sampleware team, who brought you the ‘Hit Guitars’ series (did we mention it’s in the top ten best-selling guitar sample packs of all time?!) and have dozens on releases on top labels like Armada, EMI, Sony, Black Hole Recordings etc. Tom Lorimer owns Belfast Music Academy & is a professional pianist and music teacher.

Product Details:

• 30 MIDI Files
• 30 WAV Files
• 100 & 120 BPM
• Various Keys
• 100% Royalty-Free

Please Note:

This collection contains only MIDI and piano WAV files. All other elements of the Demo are not included in the product download.

Demo Preview:=”1″]
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Future Koncept Future Bass Synths

By | July 29, 2016


Future Koncept Future Bass Synths
Size 243 Mb 

Prime Loops’ brand new Future Koncept imprint is proud to present you Future Bass Synths, a supreme collection of 100+ expertly played deep chord progressions, dreamy arpeggios and ultra-melodic lead hooks (including 74 MIDIs). Every single sound in Future Bass Synths has been engineered to perfection by the truly skilled Future Koncept squad.

BPMs range from 60 to 100 BPM, so whether you produce Future Bass, Future Soul, Neo R&B, Chill Trap, Dream Pop, Ambient Electronica or Glitch Hop, you can always draw on these painstakingly crafted loops, samples and MIDI files to take your production to the next level.

Get ready for 365 MB of Synth Loops that come in both Midi and Wav format for maximum flexibility. You can either use the Synth Samples as they come, or mash them up and go crazy with the scissor tool. Alternatively you can also import the MIDIs into your DAW and make adjustments to all the notes within the loops, tweak the timings etc.

This awe-inspiring synth tool-kit is full of rich, ultra-melodic and passionately crafted audio material, so what are you waiting for? Join the future movement now – and get your royalty-free fill of cutting-edge Future Bass Synths from Future Koncept!

Download contains:

103 x Synth Loops
74 x MIDI Files
60-100 Bpm
24 Bit Audio Quality

Part 1
Part 2

Demo Preview:=”1″]
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