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Melodic Techno Presets MIDI Sylenth1 Presets

By | December 31, 2017

Melodic Techno Presets
Size 11 Mb

Undulating arps, cavernous leads and endless pads usher in an epic era of Techno. SM101 goes in on melody with a broad collection of presets inspired by the likes of Alan Fitzpatrick, Cocoon and Kiasmos.

115 lavish leads, massive-mono basses, esoteric bells and much more – all meticulously crafted to work with 115 key-labeled MIDI files for instant epic techno melodics. From the monumental and driving to the subtle and atmospheric, Melodic Techno Presets is the ultimate collection for the warmup, underground and afterparty alike.

Please note: The demo contains drum samples which are NOT included in the pack. This pack contains Sylenth synth presets and MIDI only.

Download Contains:

115 x Lennar Digital Sylenth Presets
115 x MIDI Files

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PUREMIX Mastering Stylebook Vol.3

By | December 31, 2017

PUREMIX Mastering Stylebook Vol.3
Size 703 Mb

Hybrid-mastering of a latin pop easy listening song
In Vol.3 of the Mastering Stylebook series Friedemann Tischmeyer shows a hybrid approach giving this song a fresh and sparkling impression using a mix of selected plug-ins and analog outboard gear.
This time he is working with Steinberg´s WaveLab and shows an ideal hybrid mastering studio setup which has been realized in the 15Hz – Mastering Academy studio in Hamburg / Germany.

The song was performed by the Los Angeles resident Brazilian musician Rogerio Jardim.

Friedemann begins by building a mental aural vision before we actually start petting the gear. Then he will run you step by step through the setup, explaining the gear and why he has applied particular settings in order to realize the initially built vision of a fresh and sparkling sound.

Down the road you will learn how to use a dynamic EQ to reduce S-problems within a mastering process. He will also show you how he controls the highs and create a modern and bright sound without making it harsh.

The Mastering Stylebook series allows you to get impulses and inspiration to solve specific challenges and tasks which show up in the daily mastering practice. By practicing with the original mix with your personal choice of tools you will be able to compare your result with Friedemann´s master. You can certainly also apply the techniques used with the analog hardware in this video with your choice of plug-in substitutes.

Used software & hardware:

WaveLab Mastering DAW (Software)
Algorithmix PEQ Orange as surgical EQ (Plug-in)
Fabfilter Pro Q2 as MS-EQ (Plug-in)
Dynamic EQ by TC as De-Esser (Plug-in)
Antelope Eclipse DA-AD-Converter (Hardware)
Manley Mastering Backbone (Hardware)
Dangerous Liaison (Hardware)
Maselec MEA-2 Mastering EQ (Hardware)
SPL Tube Vitalizer (Hardware)
Charter Oak SCL-1 Compressor (Hardware)
Maselec HF-Limiter MPL-2 (Hardware)
API 2500 Single Band Compressor (Hardware)
MD3 Multiband-Compressor by TC (Hardware/Software)
Fabfilter Pro L Limiter (Plug-in)


Laniakea Sounds Tropicality

By | December 31, 2017

Laniakea Sounds Tropicality
Size 212 Mb

‘Tropicality’ is filled with a unique selection of fresh and exquisite sounds in a hot Tropical House and Pop style, including chilled and soft music loops, authentic FX, elegant drum loops and one-shots.

Inspired by the artists like Chace, Conro, Kygo, Diplo and Cheat Codes, ‘Tropicality’ brings all modern elements for producing your next Pop hit. Be sure to find absolutely outstanding content, including soft and delicate chord loops, carefully chopped and pitched vocals, unique drum loops with a special live sounding and atmospheric vocal elements for creating dreamy and light atmosphere in your track. The demo speaks for itself.

Whenever you feel like you’re out of ideas, each little sound will be perfect to inspire you. A premium collection of one-shots is a foundation for drum loops in that pack, so expect to find foley percussions, crispy snaps, groovy kicks and hats with perfect warm shade.

Special attention was paid for creating various Tropical FX which perfectly combined with any drum loops or complete track. And of course to simplify the work with the pack all content provided in 100 BPM and key and tempo labelled.

It’s time to focus on high usable sample pack with all essentials for producing and start to create chart-topping music today.

Product Details:

• 150 Files in Total
• 30 Inspiring Music Loops
• 15 Various Drum Loops
• 10 Tropical Vocal Atmospheres
• 20 FX
• 7 Bass Loops
• 55 One-Shots
• 20 Percussions
• 15 Hats
• 5 Kicks
• 10 Snaps
• 5 Synths
• 100% Royalty-Free

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Cymatics Hurricane for NI Massive

By | December 31, 2017

Cymatics Hurricane for NI Massive
Size 0.2 Mb

We’re back with another must-have preset pack.

Lately artists like MUST DIE!, Excision, and HeRobust have been killing it in the Dubstep scene!

We’ve been totally inspired by the edge that they’ve been giving to this tried and true genre.

So we got our production team to whip up some of the filthiest presets we’ve ever heard and put them all together for an exciting new release.

With Hurricane, you will be able to breathe new life into the Dubstep genre with the most inspiring arps, mean sequences, gross basses, and in-your-face leads that we’ve ever created.

Hurricane is the appropriate name for this pack because a few of these sounds might just tear down the walls of your studio and leave you out in the cold…

Dubstep presets are among the most DIFFICULT to create because of the intricate modulation of filters and other parameters using LFOs, envelopes, step-sequencers, and more. That’s why we had to call up our best and most talented producers for this one…

Don’t sit there all day turning knobs and wondering why your presets aren’t sounding like aliens and robots at war…

Instead, download Hurricane for NI Massive and instantly find yourself caught in the crossfire!

Seriously, don’t miss out on this powerful preset pack!

Included in this pack:

4 Arp Presets
15 Bass Presets
3 Lead Presets
8 Sequencer Presets


Format: .NSMV
File Size (Zipped): 64.5 KB
File Count: 30 Presets


Laniakea Sounds Progressive Vocal Chops 3

By | December 30, 2017

Laniakea Sounds Progressive Vocal Chops 3
Size 191 Mb

‘Progressive Vocal Chops 3′ includes fresh sounds from Laniakea Sounds’ studio. It brings you atmospheric and breathtaking vocal chops and vocal atmospheres for most popular progressive styles.

All loops are key labelled and synced to any tempo. A connection of vocal atmospheres and vocal chops will give you unreal results.

For vesatility, dry loops are included for vocal chops. This content is sure to make your music more interesting and solid, so listen to the demo to hear more.

Product Details:

• 100 Files in Total
• 25 Wet Vocal Chops
• 25 Dry Vocal Chops
• 40 Vocal Atmospheres
• 10 Reverse FX
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Key Labelled
• Synced to any Tempo

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Laniakea Sounds Deep House Spire Presets

By | December 30, 2017

Laniakea Sounds Deep House Spire Presets
Size 6 Mb

Laniakea Sounds: “Deep House Spire Presets” was produced by Andrew Benson and brings you the soundbank with 70 outstanding pathches for Reveal Sound: Spire Synthesizer.

Deep and heavy bass sounds, cosmic pads, melodic arps, smooth synths and lush chords – this is what you need in your studio arsenal!

Just put the soundbank in VSTi and easyly create your next Deep, Future or Tech House tune.

You can use all presets in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.

Used Software: Spire 1.1 is required PLEASE NOTE: Audio Files are NOT INCLUDED in this pack and they are used in the MP3 Demo for demo purposes only!

This pack contains only Spire presets.

• 70 Spire Presets (1x Soundbank)
• 20 Bass
• 10 Pads
• 15 Arps
• 15 Synths
• 10 Chords
• 100% Royalty-Free

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Touch Loops Cyclic Beats

By | December 30, 2017

Touch Loops Cyclic Beats
Size 332 Mb

Introducing our latest bespoke sample collection; Cyclic Beats. Intricate, detailed, percussive and rhythmic, this unique twist on Hip-Hop places it’s focus on weaving intricate musical rhythms and patterns to create a collection of tightly knitted grooves, patterns, beats and musical elements that perfectly intertwine.

The elements within the collection are designed to compliment each other enhancing the beat or song section that they care to grace. It’s this tight integration of staccato sounds, beats, musical elements, vocal chops and driven bass lines that allow this mosaic of a sample collection to really breath and evolve.

With a nod to the works of Gold Panda, Machine Drum and Steve Reich, this contemporary take on moving patterns offers something incredibly unique to the sample pack market. Think stuttered vocal phrases, intricate lead lines, processed minimal stabs, tight percussion loops, re-sampled and chopped piano licks, lush pads and so much more. So, if you produce Hip-Hop, Electronica or are looking to add something completely unique to your tracks then this one is for you. A truly unique collection of Hip-Hop samples that will lighten your mood, lift your tracks and offer endless inspiration, where ever you turn.


Size: 535.5mb
Loops: 191
One Shots: 135

Demo Preview:=”1″]

Producer Loops European Pop Vocals Vol 3

By | December 30, 2017

Producer Loops European Pop Vocals Vol 3
Size 1.49 Gb

European Pop Vocals Vol 3 gives you direct access to a captivating vocalist and the techniques, tricks & sound design skills of a professional producer, all bound together in five superb Construction Kits. Sublime chord progressions, beautiful piano melodies, lush plucks, and ultra-modern drums are complemented by complete vocal tracks that run through the entirety of each mix. We’re sure this pack will follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and become another bestseller.

Just waiting to form the backbone of your next placement pitch, these tracks offer perfect instrumentals for aspiring songwriters and professional quality vocals for producers who want to bring life to their instrumentals.

Ready to “Pop” with over 500 WAV files, this fully-featured collection is designed to offer producers a range of professionally played instrumentation and hit-ready vocals. At the heart of each of these five Construction Kits is a complete vocal track including verses, choruses, other adlibs and vocal effects. You can chop and mangle these vocals, or simply drag and drop them in as-is to form the basis of an entirely new track.

MIDI Files Included:

Like so many other Producer Loops products, ‘European Pop Vocals Vol 1’ includes MIDI files for the majority of musical phrases heard in each Kit, allowing you to seamlessly mix your favourite synths and samplers with the sounds contained in the pack.

Advantages of MIDI:

While the supplied ACID/Apple Loops are extremely flexible and powerful, MIDI has the added benefit of allowing you to go to extremes of pitch and tempo beyond which the loops were originally recorded, with no time stretching or pitch shifting artefacts. Furthermore, you can make tweaks to the riffs so they fit perfectly into your existing mixes.

One-Shot Samples:

This pack also includes One-Shot samples, allowing you to create new beats, fills and loops to compliment the existing material. Simply load them up into your sampler of choice and create an infinite number of new grooves and phrases.

Dry/Wet Loops:

For users looking to simply drag and drop, the ‘wet’ files contain all of the effects processing heard in the audio demos. But for producers looking to create their own effects mix, ‘dry’ loops are also included. Don’t like the wet loops? No problem – add your own effects.

Unlooped Riffs/Tails:

This sample library also comes with unlooped/tail versions allowing you to end a phrase with the decay of the reverb/delay applied to the loop, another “Producer Loops” exclusive product feature.


All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free (including the vocal loops), so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.


• 5 Construction Kits
• 504 Audio Files
• 82 MIDI Files
• Complete vocal takes
• Full Pop arrangements
• ACIDized WAV Files
• Loops sync to BPM
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• PC/Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free (No Exceptions)

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30 EDM Packs Collection

By | December 30, 2017

30 EDM Packs Collection
Size 3.69 Gb

Singomakers are back with an ultimate collection of 30 bestselling sample packs in ONE available for a discounted price! For 149.95 GBP you get an insane 30 EDM packs normally costing 900 GBP in total!

Don’t miss this ultimate 5.2 GB collection of 8728 WAV samples, midi and VST patches!!!!

In detail expect to find 6201 wav files including 1285 music loop (Bass, Synth & Drop Loops), 760 drum loop & fills, 3980 one shots, 176 vocals, 1723 Midi Files, 804 VST Patches for (Massive, Sylenth, Spire and Serum) from the following released titles: EDM & Main Room House, EDM Chart Smashers, EDM Fills & Build-Ups, EDM One Shots Pack, EDM Patches Sylenth Spire Serum Massive, EDM Power Pack, EDM Power Pack Vol 2, EDM Power Pack Vol 3, EDM Revolution, EDM Tuned Kicks, EDM Tuned Kicks Vol2, EDM Warriors, Explosive EDM Arsenal, Extreme EDM Oneshots, Fat EDM Synths & Bass One Shots, Insane Complex Electro, Progressive EDM Elevation, Punchy EDM Drum Shots, Shocking EDM Drops, Summer EDM Festivals, Supercharged EDM, Swedish House & Big Room Massive Patches, Swedish House Pack, Swedish House Pack Vol 2, Swedish House Pack Vol 3, Sylenth EDM Superstars, Top 100 EDM Midi, Top 100 EDM Midi Vol 2, Top Artist EDM Massive Patches and last but not least….Top Artist EDM Massive Patches Vol 2!!

Sounds very impressive, doesn’t it?

Many samples from this collection have been used by top EDM artists like Steve Angelo, Avicii, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, AN21, Max Vangelli, Mell Tierra, D.O.D and many other artists on Spinnin Records, Revealed, Protocol, Size, Axtone and a lot more!

Don’t miss your chance to get an Ultimate 30 EDM Packs Collection from Singomakers and download it today!

Please Note: This Sample pack contains 5.2GB of previously released Singomakers Sample packs. Please ensure you have a good internet connection when downloading this large Sample Collection.

• 24 Bit Quality
• 5.2GB
• 1285 Music loop (Bass, Synth & Drop Loops)
• 3980 One shots
• 1723 Midi Files
• 760 Drum loop & fills
• 176 Vocals
• 804 VST Patches for (Massive, Sylenth, Spire and Serum)

Demo Preview:=”1″]

Bassgorilla Hip Hop In Motion With David Heartbreak

By | December 30, 2017

Bassgorilla Hip Hop In Motion With David Heartbreak
Size 1.58 Gb

Tap into your own wellspring of creativity to create fresh, new tracks that have your own unique sound in record time

What Results You Can Expect From This Course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

➡ Tap into your inner wellspring of creativity to generate a steady stream of new ideas

➡ Structure you own schedule to increase your creative output, maximize your efficiency, and leave enough time for every aspect of the production process

➡ Completely re-order your workflow so that your sessions are crisp, clean, and easy to navigate

➡ Use the mood, vibe, atmosphere, and desired audience of your music to shape the message of each and every track and drive the entire process

➡ Experiment with and create alternate track arrangements with ease to find the absolute best way to structure and arrange your tracks

➡ Create different mixes of each one of your tracks for clubs, festivals, or radio

➡ Cut down on countless hours of wasted time in the mixdown process

➡ Make any track sound genuine, authentic and filled with life

➡ Bless each and every one of your tracks with your own unique flavor and sound


Splice Sounds Are We Dreaming Vocal Pack

By | December 29, 2017

Splice Sounds Are We Dreaming Vocal Pack
Size 275 Mb

Are We Dreaming is a vocal pack developed with diverse and emotive sounds in mind – a forward-thinking collection of high-quality and tasteful samples that can accompany any kind of musical track. Developed by Paul Hammer and Lauren Zettler, who perform together in the Brooklyn-based indie rock band Savoir Adore, the goal was to provide producers with a vocal toolkit that could exist across all genres.

This pack includes pads, vowel one-shots, topline phrases, gang vocals and prismizer/vocoder magic, along with upbeat guitar, synth and acoustic drum loops to accompany the expansive variet

Demo Preview:=”1″]

Myloops ASOT Style Sylenth1 Presets By Dirtfreq

By | December 29, 2017

Myloops ASOT Style Sylenth1 Presets By Dirtfreq
Size 70 Mb

Dirtfreq has teamed up with Myloops to create a brand new set of professional sounding Trance Sylenth1 Presets, that replicate some of the typical sounds heard on A State Of Trance : these sounds were inspired by artists like Armin Van Buuren, Audien, Daniel Kandi, Marlo, & Chris Schweizer. In the pack you will get 28 top notch Sylenth1 presets, and also 5 FL Studio projects (as heard in the audio demo) to be used as demonstration files for learning purposes.

The 28 Sylenth1 Presets
The 5 FL Studio projects (as heard in the audio demo) to be used as demonstration files for learning purposes.

Instantly download 28 top presets inspired by popular & recent trance releases
Get inspired for your own productions
Study how the presets were made by checking the various synth settings
Study how the demo tracks were made by opening the included projects in FL Studio
Find out how the mixing was done, and how each track was processed

In order take full advantage of this product, you will need :
FL Studio v12.4.1.4 or higher (only to open the demo projects)
LennarDigital Sylenth1 v3 or higher

Demo Preview:=”1″]


By | December 29, 2017

Size 472 Mb

ZTEKNO are proud to present Quazar Techno!

Inspired by the Superstars of Techno Music like Stephan Bodzin, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Pleasurekraft, Tale Of Us, Monika Kruze, Pig&Dan and more!

Packed with 1.47 GB full of pure Techno sounds, this pack can fully satisfy your needs for a quality and unique sound for your production.

We come to a new level and now you can easily count our drum loops with our bass lines.

Take the first drum loop and the first bass line and that’s all you need for a full initial groove!

Take the second drum loops and the second bass line and so on!

Also we included Full Drum Loops With Basses!

Our sample packs became even more convenient and even more interesting!

Do not forget that all the loops in our packs have several options, such as with Sidechein compression and without it, Dry and Wet loops and a few variations of the drum loops for maximum usability of our products.

Also we include 5 started Construction Kits, Mastered and Unmastered Full Tracks and VSTi Synth Patches for you.

Most of the Loops and Sounds are coming from analogue Synthezisers like our Juicy Odyssey, JP-8, Juno 60, Minimoog, Virus TI Synthesizer, Korg MS20 recorded with a UAD2 plugins, Avalon VT747, SSL Compressor and Manley Passive EQ.

WAV\Apple Loops – Product Specifications:

• Format: WAVs/Apple Loops/MIDIs
• 5 x Construction Kits
• 5 x Mastered Full Tracks
• 5 x Unmastered Full Tracks

EXTRA Bonus content:

• 40 x Bass Loops
• 20 x Bass (MIDIs) Loops
• 40 x Synth Loops
• 20 x Synth (MIDIs) Loops
• 60 x Full Drum Loops
• 15 x Full Drum Loops With Basses
• 60 x Top Loops
• 35 x Techno FXs
• 10 x Sweep Up FXs
• 30 x Claps
• 30 x Snares
• 30 x Kicks
• 30 x Open HiHats
• 30 x Close HiHats
• 40 x Percussions
• 10 x Crashes
• 10 x Rides
• 587 Files In Total
• 1.47 GB Unzipped
• Recorded At 125 BPM
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible

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Producer Loops Killer House & EDM Drums Vol 1

By | December 29, 2017

Producer Loops Killer House & EDM Drums Vol 1
Size 149 Mb

Killer House & EDM Drums Vol 1 from Producer Loops is a powerful collection of expertly-mixed drum loops and one-shots, bringing you 25 drum kits and 280 individual drum stems and single hits. Simply drag and drop into your next EDM smash hit and start crafting the perfect rhythm section.

Each of the 25 complete drum kits is accompanied by a folder containing separate stems (kicks, claps, snares, hats, top loops and more) as well as one-shots, giving you access to the individual sounds used to create the full loops.

All samples are tempo-tagged, meaning they’ll slot right into your arrangement and match to the tempo of your project.

One-Shot Samples:

This pack includes one-shot samples, allowing you to create new beats, fills and loops to complement the existing material. Simply load them up into your sampler of choice and create an infinite number of new grooves and phrases.


All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free (including the vocal loops), so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.


• 25 Full Drum Loops
• 280 Stems and One-Shots
• Kicks, Claps, Snares, Top loops
• ACIDized WAV Files
• Loops sync to BPM
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• PC/Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free (No Exceptions)

Demo Preview:=”1″]