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Valhalla DSP Valhalla Shimmer.v1.0.4 Win & Mac

By | July 31, 2018

Valhalla DSP Valhalla Shimmer.v1.0.4 Win & Mac

Valhalla DSP Valhalla Shimmer.v1.0.4 Win & Mac
Size 10 Mb

Valhalla Shimmer

Come With Uncle And Hear All Proper! Hear Angel Trumpets And Devil Trombones. You Are Invited!

ValhallaShimmer is an algorithmic reverb designed for BIG sounds, from concert halls to the Taj Mahal to the Halls of Valhalla. All of the sliders have been designed to be tweaked in real time and have a smoothed response to avoid clicks when changing settings or automating the controls. At the same time, the algorithm has been highly optimized, so you get a huge reverb sound without straining your CPU.

At its core, ValhallaShimmer is a high quality reverberator, designed to produce a smooth decay, that is both dense and colorless. There are several reverberation modes available, to allow the user to dial in reverb decays of different sizes, ranging from smaller rooms to vast ambiences:

  • By adjusting the Feedback, Diffusion and Size controls, the attack, sustain and decay of the reverb signal can be fine tuned.
  • The modulation controls can be set to produce subtle mode thickening, glistening string ensemble-esque decays, and the distinctive random modulation of the older Lexicon hall algorithms.
  • Two tone controls and the Color Mode selector allow the timbre to be adjusted from bright and glistening to a more natural dark decay, similar to that produced by air absorption in large spaces.

In addition, ValhallaShimmer has the ability to pitch shift the feedback signal. There are 5 pitch shift modes available:

  • Single, where the feedback is shifted up or down by the Shift value.
  • Dual, where the feedback is shifted both up and down (in parallel) by the Shift value.
  • SingleReverse, where each grain is reversed before it is pitch shifted. This results in a smoother pitch shifting sound than the Single mode.
  • DualReverse. Similar to the Dual mode, but with reversed grains, for a smoother pitch shifting sound.
  • Bypass, which turns off the pitch shifting (useful for “standard” reverb sounds).

By setting the Shift amount to +12 semitones, and the Feedback to 0.5 or greater, the classic Eno/Lanois “shimmer” sound is produced (learn more about that here, here and here). A wide variety of other sounds can be created by the algorithm, ranging from spring-esque reverbs to “reverse” reverbs, to glistening pitch shifted pads that are usually associated with high end hardware processors.

ValhallaShimmer is available to demo/purchase for OSX (AU/AU64/VST/VST64/RTAS/AAX) and Windows (VST32/VST64/RTAS/AAX).

ADSR Sounds Vocal Mixing Essentials For Future Bass TUTORIAL

By | July 31, 2018

ADSR Sounds Vocal Mixing Essentials For Future Bass TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

ADSR Sounds Vocal Mixing Essentials For Future Bass TUTORIAL
Size 165 Mb

Vocal Mixing Essentials For Future Bass
Want to make sure your vocals are on point?

If you are making future bass and you’re keen to elevate your sound, this course is for you.

Learn how to make your vocals production ready using the tools you already have in FL Studio 20.

Exceed your own creative expectations with new skills and professional techniques for FL Studio 20

Course Features

Take a raw vocal recording and turn it into a fully prepared vocal, ready to drop into your future bass instrumental.
In this course you’ll learn how to mix vocals inside FL Studio 20 using stock Imagine Line plugins (plus a couple of extras).

40 Minutes of professional video instruction
5 tutorial videos each focused on the techniques professional mix engineers use to get their vocals track ready
Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons
This course uses FL Studio 20 and Image-Line plugins including Fruity Parametric EQ 2, Maximus, the compressor, reverb and ping pong delay and Image Line Sampler
This course assumes a basic working knowledge of FL Studio 20

Course Summary

► Prepping The Vocal

Your first step is to “prep” the vocal. Learn how to pick the best takes, noise gating the vocal/checking for pops/clicks/background noise and how to apply the right amount of autotune.

► EQing The Vocal

Once your vocal is properly prepped, it’s time to EQ. Find out how to cut out problematic frequencies in your vocal and boost the high frequency to guarantee it’ll cut through the mix. You’ll also work on de-essing your vocal to make sure no harsh S sounds get to the final product.

► Compressing The Vocal

Compression is used to level your vocal and make it easy to implement in the context of a track. Here you’ll make good use of the compression feature on the Fruity Limiter.

► Adding Space and Depth To The Vocal

Once your vocal is perfectly compressed you can move over to FX. This includes using reverb and ping pong delay to give your track depth and space. Plus, pick up some cool ways to give your vocal depth including stereo shaping and creating artificial harmonies.

► Creating a “Vocal Chop”

It wouldn’t be a Future Bass course without featuring different ways you can create vocal chop effects so popular in Future Bass. Get the skills to chop the vocal manually or to turn your vocal into an instrument giving you plenty of options for your own productions.

DrumVault Ambrosia V4 (Stem Kit) WAV

By | July 31, 2018

DrumVault Ambrosia V4 (Stem Kit) WAV

DrumVault Ambrosia V4 (Stem Kit) WAV
Size 553 Mb

Ambrosia V4 (Stem Kit)

The World famous flagship Kit Series from Music Producer Chop Gawd has a new big brother. Ambrosia 4 is the most recent release in the series of Stem Kits that provides Endless Inspiration for Projects, Alleviates you from Beat-Block & is crafted to almost any genre or style of music. From Classical Pianos, Cinematic Pads, Ambient Bells, Futuristic Synths, & More. You have our promise that there are countless and endless gems for your projects.

54 Loops w/ Individual Track Stems
Labeled by BPM & Key

Categories: Loop Kits, Stem Kits
Tags: Chop Gawd, Loop Kit, Loop Kits, Stem Kit, Stem Kits

DrumVault Calamity (Dune 2 Bank)

By | July 31, 2018

DrumVault Calamity (Dune 2 Bank)

DrumVault Calamity (Dune 2 Bank)
Size 122 Kb

Calamity (Dune 2 Bank)

Luxury is back with our very first Dune 2 Expansion, the Calamity (Dune 2 Bank). Filled with 40 Custom Dune 2 Patches inspired by: Metro Boomin, NAV, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Lil Pump, & More.

40 Dune 2 Patches
Requires Dune 2 VSTi

Categories: On Sale, Soundbanks
Tags: Dune 2, Luxury, Soundbank, Soundbanks

SampleHero Reverse Piano Textures KONTAKT

By | July 31, 2018

SampleHero Reverse Piano Textures KONTAKT

SampleHero Reverse Piano Textures KONTAKT
Size 1.38 Gb

Reverse Piano Textures features 88 individual, “tempo-synced” textures that never get too busy, in the way or stifle your creativity!
Reverse Piano Textures will immediately bring inspiration to your writing and set you off in new directions every time! Who wouldn’t love that!?

88 Reverse Piano Textures
(3) .NKI files! Normal, Double & Half Speed
Attack Knob
Cutoff Knob
5-Band EQ
Perfect For Film/TV/Games/Trailers!
Your new secret-weapon virtual instrument!

Requires Kontakt (Full-Version) 5.7.0 or Higher
4 GB of Disk Space

Demo Preview:

SoundOracle The Oracle Pack Vol.1 WAV

By | July 31, 2018

SoundOracle The Oracle Pack Vol.1 WAV

SoundOracle The Oracle Pack Vol.1 WAV
Size 52 Mb

It’s been used by super producers like Timbaland. It’s been reviewed and praised by sites like and it also pre sold hundreds of copies by word of mouth alone before it was even announced. That’s right, this is the drum pack that started it all.

This Oracle Pack Vol 1 gave producers the kicks, snares, hats, and loops they’ve always been searching for. Each tape processed and analog sampled drum in this pack was masterfully designed by SoundOracle. It also features drums used on Jay Z’s Tom Ford and Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie. Simply put, these drum samples have been vetted and fire. So download your copy today and add your name to the list of hitmakers that win Grammy’s using these drums.

MaschineMasters 2015 – “The sound quality of The Oracle Pack Vol. 1 is tight because each sound has its own texture and presence. The loops are dope and I can actually see Timbaland using patterns like these to make one of those killer tracks. The snares and claps are punchy, crispy and have a lot of character. The kicks are deep and can definitely sit in a track or dominate the track. They are equalized very well.” ~


Over 200 (WAV 16 bit) one-shot drums and loops recorded to 1 inch tape
Each sample is at maximum loudness without digital clipping
EQ’ed to mix well with other drums when layering
Contains drums used on Jay Z’s “Tom Ford” and Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie”
Bonus vocal sample folder
Compatible with all DAWs (Ableton, Logic, Reason, Maschine, etc.)

KBeaZy’s Sauced Up Mixing Kit WAV FST PDF

By | July 31, 2018

KBeaZy's Sauced Up Mixing Kit WAV FST PDF

KBeaZy’s Sauced Up Mixing Kit WAV FST PDF
Size 6 Mb

Comes with mixing presets, and a full 4 page .pdf file full of tips to help you mix beats.

Works with FL Studio 11 and up.


Posted by Braxton Troxel, 2 weeks ago
All you need to mix your beats, beautiful.

Posted by Fatty Beatz, 3 weeks ago

Posted by Kreacher K, 2 months ago
I just bought it it’s dope pretty good presets good price for the sauce ???????????

Posted by HomieOnIce, 5 months ago
Nah buy it it’s lit

Posted by HomieOnIce, 5 months ago
Nah buy it it’s lit

Posted by HomieOnIce, 5 months ago
Get it for free

Posted by HomieOnIce, 5 months ago
Get it for free

DrumVault Black Water (Stem Kit) WAV MIDI

By | July 31, 2018

DrumVault Black Water (Stem Kit) WAV MIDI

DrumVault Black Water (Stem Kit) WAV MIDI
Size 195 Mb

Black Water (Stem Kit)

Ezee makes his DrumVault debut with the Black Water (Stem Kit). Filled with 15 Custom Loops w/ Individual Track Stems + Midi Files inspired by: Young Thug, Metro Boomin, Desiigner, YG, & More.

15 Loops w/ Individual Track Stems + Midi
Labeled by BPM & Key

Big Citi Loops 808 Wave 5 WAV MIDI

By | July 31, 2018

Big Citi Loops 808 Wave 5 WAV MIDI

Big Citi Loops 808 Wave 5 WAV MIDI
Size 80 Mb

‘808 Wave 5’ from Big Citi Loops introduces you to another level of 808 swag and Trap for a very affordable price. This sample pack contains five Construction Kits with WAV & MIDI.

If you’re looking for that heavy 808 sub, this is the Kit that will blow your speakers through the roof.

Listen to the demo in your sub-speakers and you will be blown away. Tempo ranges are included and all drum tracks are separated for perfect drum loop mixing.

All Kits are 100% Royalty-Free.

Product Details:

• 5 Construction Kits
• 24-Bit WAV, MIDI & MP3
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 48kHz/24-Bit Quality

Demo Preview:


By | July 30, 2018


BigWerks Elysian KONTAKT
Size 881 Mb

Elysian Kontakt Library has to be one of our best instruments to date! Elysian includes playable melody arps, clean flutes, creative leads, cleverly designed pads and much more.

Cinematic, Orchestra, RnB, Trap & Edm music can be created with this kontakt library!

-160+ High End Presets
-Plenty of Fx to manipulate sounds
-Endless Possibilities!

Instruments include:
Arps, bass, bells, brass, drones
Vocals, guitars, plucks, flutes
Pianos, leads, pads, Fx .
FX include:
filter & amp envelopes, glide controls (mono, Leg.),
e.q, hp & lp filter controls, phaser, delay, reverb & arpeggiator

System Requirements
-Runs on Kontakt full version 5.5.1 or higher. -At least 4 GB of RAM (5 GB recommended), and 8 GB of free drive space -Est. download time – 10 Min

Samplephonics Cinematic Ambience WAV

By | July 30, 2018

Samplephonics - Cinematic Ambience MULTiFORMAT

Samplephonics Cinematic Ambience WAV
Size 582 Mb

Add intensity, atmosphere, musicality and emotion to your productions with this absolutely stunning collection of ambient electronica loops and samples.

Inside this deep cinematic sample pack you will find tight drum loops, found sound percussion oddities, spacious piano melodies, sweeping effects sounds, multi-layered ambient drones, atmospheric guitars, noisy synths, dulcimers, vibraphones and a whole host of other processed instrument loops and samples.

The broad sound palette, exquisite production and sheer diversity on offer in this sample library make it a perfect production tool for a range of styles and genres, and this collection will be at home in music for media, soundtracks, ambient Electronica, Chillstep or Garage productions.

All sounds in this pack are 100% royalty free and are available as Wav, Rex2, Acid and Apple Loops files, with sampler instruments for Ableton Sampler, NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Motu MachFive and EXS24.


Gorgeous collection of ambient samples
Atmospheric soundscapes and melodic loops
Processed live instrument sounds
Complex programmed drum loops
Multiple file formats and sampler instruments

1.35GB (Wav format)
250 Loops
150 One Shots
Sampler instruments for Ableton Sampler, NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Motu MachFive and EXS24

Demo Previw:

WavSupply E-Trou Sapphire (Stem & MIDI Kit) WAV MIDI

By | July 30, 2018

WavSupply E-Trou Sapphire (Stem & MIDI Kit) WAV MIDI

WavSupply E-Trou Sapphire (Stem & MIDI Kit) WAV MIDI
Size 266 Mb

E-Trou – Sapphire (Stem & MIDI Kit)

Categories: Loops & Samples, Midi Kits
Tags: E-Trou, Midi, Sample, Stem


Comes with 27 Sample folders that include Stems + Midi Files. Created by E-Trou of Internet Money

140 WAVs & 101 MIDIS

Sonic Academy Mixing and Mastering Slate Everything Bundle with Protoculture TUTORIAL

By | July 30, 2018

Sonic Academy Mixing and Mastering Slate Everything Bundle with Protoculture TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Sonic Academy Mixing and Mastering Slate Everything Bundle with Protoculture TUTORIAL
Size 2.1 Gb

This week we welcome back South African producer Nate Raubenheimer aka Protoculture for a masterclass in mixing solely using the awesome Slate Digital ‘Everything Bundle’.

With an accessible monthly plan, this huge variety of high-quality plugins gives you the professional tools to make your tracks shine.
Meticulously emulated on gear that has proved its worth since the dawn of the recording studio, Nate guides us through the different modules available to help fine-tune your mix from the various compressors in the Dynamics section, the EQ’s, reverb and delay, and also the saturators and pre-amps that fall into the Harmonics section.

We then check out some practical, real-world examples of using the Slate plugins on a track Nate’s working on, focussing on Drums, Bass and Synth, and finally vocals.

The Slate Digital Everything Bundle really is a one-stop place to go when it comes to perfecting your mix, and as the name suggests for a price that you can’t argue with, it has everything you need to finalise your masterpiece before getting it out there!

Native Instruments Massive v1.5.5 Win & MacOSX

By | July 30, 2018

Native Instruments Massive v1.5.5 Win & MacOSX

Native Instruments Massive v1.5.5 Win & MacOSX
Size 135 Mb


Virtual-analog architecture for colossal sound
Equally flexible in the studio or on stage
Comprehensive library with 1,300 huge presets


The synth that defined bass music, this powerhouse synthesizer is an uncompromising sonic monster and the go-to choice for bass music and electro producers.


MASSIVE is a sonic monster – the ultimate synth for basses and leads. The virtual-analog concept belies the contemporary, cutting-edge sound it generates. Clearly laid out and easy to use, MASSIVE gives you earth-shuddering sounds from the very first note.


MASSIVE gives your tracks a solid foundation with the creamiest, punchiest basses. Razor-sharp leads cut through the mix even with grit and dirt piled high. And an overwhelming array of wavetable oscillators, modulation options, and filters and effects offer a sonic spectrum as broad as it is inspiring.


MASSIVE contains over 1300 sounds, all crafted by leading artists and sound designers. The efficient search and intuitive filter functions let you find presets according to specific characteristics and attributes – a particularly musical and intuitive approach.


MASSIVE is ideal for live performance. The integrated step sequencers, effects, and a highly flexible modulation concept deliver incredible versatility. All these features have been implemented with a focus on usability so MASSIVE is just as easy to use on a hectic stage as it is in the studio.