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NI Symphony Essentials Collection Kontakt Library

By | October 31, 2019

NI Symphony Essentials Collection Kontakt Library

NI Symphony Essentials Collection Kontakt Library
Size 17.5 Gb

The SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS COLLECTION places the power of a full orchestra and top soloists at your fingertips. It offers six professional grade KONTAKT libraries, each played and recorded by some of the world’s finest musicians and audio engineers, and taken from the same recording sessions as our flagship SYMPHONY SERIES. With a range of essential articulations, standardized intuitive interface, and on-board effects they are perfect for basic orchestral composition and pop and electronic production.

Intuitive, Signature Interface

SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS instruments are built around the same common intuitive interface design as our SYMPHONY SERIES, allowing quick and easy access to deep expression features such as drum resonance simulation, hundreds of articulations, expressive performance, fast adjustment of dynamic layers, and much more. Effects features are also standardized across the portfolio.

The Sections

A versatile set of 18 orchestral percussion instruments, recorded at Studio 22, Budapest. PERCUSSION offers superb range, clarity, and character, with comprehensive articulations, deep sampling, and advanced performance features. PERCUSSION will resonate with orchestral, pop, and electronic composers and producers.
A 60-piece string section recorded at Studio 22, Budapest. STRING ENSEMBLE has a tight, bold, and natural sound, with advanced performance controls for nuance and clarity. With simulated legato, EQ, convolution reverb, filtering ,and compression, STRING ENSEMBLE offers the precise sound and versatility for modern and cinematic scoring.
A 32-piece brass section and top soloists recorded in the prized acoustic space of St Paul’s Church, San Francisco. Featuring up to eight round robins and a range of articulations, BRASS is a flexible and comprehensive set of scoring tools. ENSEMBLE and SOLO sections are distinct libraries, for detailed mixing of grouped sections and soloists, providing a rich characterful sound for any composing task.
A 36-piece woodwind section and top soloists, recorded within the unique acoustic environment of Montclair Presbyterian Church, Oakland. Supplied as distinct SOLO and ENSEMBLE libraries, with up to 96 articulations these formidable KONTAKT instruments unite classic woodwind with contemporary saxophone, offering vivid dynamic recordings for traditional and modern scoring.

At A Glance: Symphony Essentials Collection

Sampled symphonic orchestral instruments
KONTAKT version 5 and higher required.
Demo Preview:

Echo Sound Works – X Keys Production Suite

By | October 31, 2019

Echo Sound Works - X Keys Production Suite

Echo Sound Works X Keys
Size 1.82 Gb

You’ve Never Heard Keys Sound Like This
405 Total Presets for Serum, ANA2 & Massive
215 Serum Presets & New Serum Skin
50 ANA2 Presets
700 Drum Samples & Loops
110 Instrument One Shots
50 MIDI Files
5 Construction Kits
4 Huge Bonus Products, Only 250 Copies Available


The concept for X Keys is simple. Take key instruments, and turn them into hybrid sounds that are perfect for you, the modern producer or beatmaker. We sampled over 50 instruments, including Upright Pianos, Grand Pianos, old Electric Keyboards, Kalimbas, rare hand pianos, Bell Tone Pianos, Organs, Vintage Synths and so much more and resynthesized those samples back into Serum and ANA2.
The result is a unique collection of hybrid sounds that makes typical sounding keys fresh again. We didn’t think an Organ could sound fresh until we made the X Keys (no organ players were harmed in the making of that sentence). We built hundreds of patches around the custom wavetables and samples that fit modern music perfectly. X Keys will be a welcome addition for anyone who produces:
Future Bass
Hip Hop


205 Key Presets for Serum
​95 Custom Wavetables
4 Macros Active On Every Preset
Velocity MacroActive On Each Preset
​Custom Serum Skin – Ableton Dark Skin


50 Presets for ANA2​
8 Macros Assigned For Easy Tweaking
Unique Sound Design
Production Ready Sounds



The X Keys comes with 5 construction kits that are royalty free, meaning you are free to use them in your next commercial release or use them as learning tools.
Each kit is tediously organized and can quickly kick off new song ideas or build upon current ones. Each sample and file is WAV, 24 bit format and will work with every DAW.


You read that right. X Keys comes with 700 drum samples & loops. Most of these samples are brand new. We did include some of our all time favorites from past releases. The samples are organized into the following genres:
— Future Bass
— Hip Hop
— House
— LoFi & Chill


Some producers prefer MIDI over a WAV construction kit. We love both, but having the MIDI does give you more creative freedom.
Drag and drop any of the included MIDI files into your DAW of choice to kickstart your next track. Quickly edit and tweak so it perfectly fits with your song.
​These are also great learning tools.
​Each MIDI file is named with the preset that was used to create it.

Helix for Serum

Helix comes with 50 presets that cover genres like Future Bass, House, Trap, Hip Hop, Pop and more.
Any sound you hear in the demo that isn’t a key sound is either in Helix or Boost.

Boost for NI Massive

Boost comes with 100 presets that cover genres like Future Bass, House, Trap, Hip Hop, Pop and more.
Any sound you hear in the demo that isn’t a key sound is either in Helix or Boost.

Ableton Dark Skin For Serum

We might be biased, but this is one of the easier to look at Serum skins around. Inspired by Ableton’s Wavetable synth
Demo Preview:

OCTVE.CO Ammo for Xfer Serum

By | October 31, 2019

OCTVE.CO Ammo for Xfer Serum

OCTVE.CO Ammo for Xfer Serum WAV FXP
Size 263 Mb

OCTVE.CO Presents – Ammo for Xfer Serum.
Ammo is the ultimate serum bank to take your dubstep / hybrid / trap tracks no a whole new level. You will receive 95 + serum presets ranging from bass, leads, fx, plucks, and much more.. on top of that a FAT drum kit to suit those insane presets.

Who designed these presets? A team of 4 sound designers who have released numerous records on major labels such as.. Dim Mak, Buygore, and Elysian Records to name a few. Purchase your copy now!
​Find your sound.

What’s inside the pack

– Drum Loops
– Fill Loops
– Kicks
– Snares
– FX
– One Shots
– Foley
– Bass
– Leads
– FX
– Plucks
– Pre Drops
– Hype Chants
– Stab Vox


Receive an additional 10+ presets
– Bass
– Leads

​BONUS Secret Sample Pack

– Ammo – Construction Kits
– Percussion & Foley
Demo Preview:

DJ Effects – EDM Essentials WAV

By | October 31, 2019

DJ Effects - EDM Essentials WAV

DJ Effects – EDM Essentials WAV
Size 58 Mb

Artist: DJ Effects
Title : EDM Essentials
Label: Rebeat
Original Release Date: 2018-08-15
Format: Digital [WAV]
Genres: Sample (DJ Tools)
Title Track # BPM Time
DJ Effects EDM Effect 01 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 01 71 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 02 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 02 0 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 03 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 03 102 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 04 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 04 117 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 05 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 05 0 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 06 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 06 136 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 07 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 07 160 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 08 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 08 160 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 09 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 09 93 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 10 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 10 225 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 11 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 11 182 00:31
DJ Effects EDM Effect 12 (Original Mix) [Rebeat] 12 0 00:31

Tariq Ali Street Essence WAV

By | October 31, 2019

Tariq Ali Street Essence WAV

Tariq Ali Street Essence WAV
Size 94 Mb

Street Essence was inspired by the latest Meek Mill Album “Championships.” 20 gritty sounding loops consisting of pianos, pads, synths, organs and more to get those street bangers cranking out your speakers.
An eclectic blend of street soul.

List of files:

Street Essence Strings 3 154bpm.wav
Street Essence Strings Gb 84bpm.wav
Street Essence Arp Bm 130bpm .wav
Street Essence Flute Dbm 169bpm.wav
Street Essence Guitar Abm 75bpm.wav
Street Essence Horn 96bpm.wav
Street Essence Keys Fm 70bpm.wav
Street Essence Organ 2 Em 97bpm.wav
Street Essence Organ Abm 135bpm.wav
Street Essence Pad Cm 137bpm.wav
Street Essence Piano 2 Gm 115bpm.wav
Street Essence Piano 3 Am 110bpm.wav
Street Essence Piano 4 Db 101bpm.wav
Street Essence Piano Ab 154bpm.wav
Street Essence Pluck Dm 69bpm.wav
Street Essence Rev Vox Abm 99bpm.wav
Street Essence Rhodes Gbm 93bpm.wav
Street Essence Strings 2 Ab 132bpm.wav
Street Essence Strum Ab 114bpm.wav
Street Essence Synth Ebm 87bpm.wav
Demo Preview:

Cymatics Digital Love – Future Pop Project File

By | October 31, 2019

Cymatics Digital Love - Future Pop Project File

Cymatics Digital Love – Future Pop Project File
Size 2.07 Gb

Out of every genre that has emerged in the past few years, Future pop sticks out among the rest…
With it’s unique sound design and catchy songwriting, it seems like fans and producers just can’t get enough of this style.
And to help you master this emerging genre, we created “Digital Love”: a project file filled with stellar writing, heavy bassline, and mixing that would make jaws drop.
Inspired by artists like Marshmello, Whethan, and Louis the Child, this project file let’s you see just how the pro’s arrange their drums, write their melodies, and layer sounds.
Even if you spend just half hour in this project, you’ll come out a MUCH better producer.
Now imagine if you took the time to fully dissect this project and learned the ins and outs of everything going on. You’d advance your production knowledge in no time!
So, if you’re ready to progress on your production journey, download Digital Love today – and then get ready: you’re about to gain A LOT of knowledge.

Included in this pack:

● “Digital Love” Ableton Project File
● “Digital Love” FL Studio Project File
● “Digital Love” Logic Project File

Warp Academy Darkside Funk For Xfer Serum

By | October 31, 2019

Warp Academy Darkside Funk For Xfer Serum

Warp Academy Darkside Funk For Xfer Serum
Size 244 Mb

DARKSIDE FUNK for Xfer Serum – Essential Bass Music Presets & Wavetables
Forged in the fires of the future, Darkside Funk lies at the leading edge of evolving sounds for modern bass music. Inspired by some of our favorite sci-fi films, it cloaks you in an immersive universe of hard hitting basses, searing mid-range bizness and morphing textures. With modulation pushed to the max, each preset moves and breathes with a life of its own.
Lurking inside, you’ll find some of the most advanced and powerful sounds ever created for Serum. All this power is at your fingertips, BEGGING to be unleashed! The creative use of Macros makes Darkside Funk delightfully immediate and simple to use, while also yielding spectacular sound-mangling abilities.
After more than two years (for real) of development by our sound design team, and countless hours spent on the arsenal of presets, Darkside Funk sets a whole new standard. It’s poised to deliver the ULTIMATE Serum experience.


Advanced Wavetable Design
An entire realm of audio is packed into each wavetable. A wealth of timbres and tones lurk beneath the surface waiting for you to explore them. With a twist of a knob, you take the preset on an utterly smooth journey through spectral morphing.


All Macros + MOD Wheel Are Used
Our philosophy was to make each preset evolve like CRAZY with a single note. Hyper-advanced modulation does just this. Each preset makes FULL use of all the Macros and MOD wheel to make the sound even more responsive and tweakable.


No Post-FX Needed
If you like heavily processed sounds, you’ve struck gold. Our affinity for neuro genres inspired layers upon layers of intricate, sophisticated effects. We pushed Serum’s infamous arsenal of effects to their limit. The result is pure fire!

What’s Inside:

• 108 Serum Presets
• 100 Custom Wavetables
• 14 Noise Oscillator Files
• 70 Futuristic Bass Sounds
• 12 Leads
• 6 Pads
• 20 Sound Fx
Demo Preview:

ProducerGrind THE EMO TRAP MIDI & WAV Loop Pack

By | October 31, 2019

ProducerGrind THE EMO TRAP MIDI & WAV Loop Pack

ProducerGrind THE EMO TRAP MIDI & WAV Loop Pack
Size 106 Mb

Inspired by Lil Peep, XXXTentacion & other emo trap/sad rap rappers.
This pack is very guitar-heavy with punk rock inspired melody & chord progressions.
This pack has over 33 loops including; main melodies, counter melodies & more.
Every loop comes in both MIDI & WAV format so you have full creative control over the sound. These loops work in all DAW’s (FL Studio, Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, Maschine, MPC & More)

The Producer Kit Twerk Sum Construction Kit WAV

By | October 31, 2019

The Producer Kit Twerk Sum Construction Kit WAV

The Producer Kit Twerk Sum Construction Kit WAV
Size 37 Mb

Twerk Sum Construction Kit
’Twerk Sum’ from The Producer Kit is a inspiring collection of 6 Construction Kits, inspired by artist such as Diplo, Dillon Francis, Lil Jon, and many more!!!
•6 drum patterns composed and arranged by Diego Ave
•Includes all AUDIO STEMS
•Includes BPMs
•Comes in stereo WAV 16/44 formatting
•Compatible with any DAW (Protools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops, etc)
Demo Preview:

Dropgun Samples Deekey Future House

By | October 31, 2019

Dropgun Samples Deekey Future House

Dropgun Samples Deekey Future House
Size 951 Mb

Deekey is a bright and progressing DJ and producer, has already releases on big labels like Armada, Sony, Future House Music etc.
His music is supported by Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Hardwell, Don Diablo, Avicii, Steve Aoki, W&W etc.
Sounds from this sample pack were used in lots of his hit-singles.
The included samples have been carefully processed, layered and selected in the Deekey Studio, to give you all the energy and power, which will help in work with your production!
This pack is inspired by Hexagon, Musical Freedom, Spinnin’ and Armada’s top future house releases.
Deekey has released his first-ever sample pack, “Deekey Future House”, that contains exclusive presets (Serum, Massive, Avenger, Spire, etc.), cool chords, hook melodies and high quality drums and FX samples, one shots along with beautiful vocal chops.

Deekey Future House Content:

• Total File Size: 1.21 GB (Un-Zipped)
• Total Audio Files: 286
• Total MIDI Files: 64
• Ace Presets Files: 1
• Ana 2 Presets Files: 2
• Avenger Presets Files: 5
• Harmor Presets Files: 1
• Ignite Presets Files: 1
• NI Massive Presets Files: 13
• Phoscyon Presets Files: 1
• Serum Presets Files: 22
• Spire Presets Files: 6
• Sylenth Presets Files: 3
• 5 x Construction Kits
Demo Preview:

Xlntsound In Your House

By | October 30, 2019

Xlntsound In Your House

Xlntsound In Your House
Size 726 Mb

In Your House!
Over 500 massive samples and 100 Serum presets in the style of Hybrid House / G House / Bass House

DRUMS – 290 Total

40 – Claps
10 – Crashes
10 – Rides
20 – Closed Hihats
25 – Open Hihats
60 – Kicks
50 – Percs
10 – Shakers / Tambourines
50 – Snares
15 – Toms

FOLEY – 51 Total

51 – Foley

FX – 36 Total

05 – Downlifters
07 – Impacts
10 – Risers
04 – Sirens
04 – Sub Drops
06 – Sweeps

LOOPS – 99 Total

11 – Buildup Loops
37 – Full Loops
27 – Percussion Loops
24 – Top Loops

ONE SHOTS – 87 total

53 – Basses
10 – Brass
24 – Vocals


Total 100
03 – Arps
46 – Basses
08 – Chords
10 – Growls
25 – Leads
08 – Plucks

WaveTables – 32

32 – Custom Serum Wavetables
Ableton 10 Project File “Run That”
24 Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV format (compatible with all DAW’s – Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Reason, Cubase, FL Studio Maschine…)
Demo Preview:

Standalone-Music FISHBIRD – Serum House Presets By 7 SKIES

By | October 30, 2019

Standalone-Music FISHBIRD – Serum House Presets By 7 SKIES

Standalone-Music FISHBIRD – Serum House Presets By 7 SKIES
Size 2 Mb



FISHBIRD for Xfer Serum was inspired by artists like Fisher, Chris Lake, Green Velvet, and many more famous modern house legends.
These presets are the results of our efforts to recreate the beloved house vibe that these producers have brought to the scene.
That’s why we spent days listening to the most relevant house music records, grasping the vibe and techniques behind these powerful sounds, to bring you the most comprehensive house presets available for Serum.
Included in FISHBIRD, are 40 superior quality house presets and 30 wavetables that we created using some of the most famous analog synthesizers in history, for a pack that will dramatically increase the quality of your house tracks.
What’s even better is that with these presets you don’t also have to worry about spending time on post-processing and layering.
That’s because each one of our presets has been carefully engineered to make sure they work instantly in your tracks, speeding up your workflow and leave more space to your creativity.
Whether you are looking to learn sound design and grasp the secrets behind the sounds from modern house music hits, or dramatically increase the quality of your music, FISHBIRD for Xfer Serum is definitely the pack for you.
It’s all about house music baby!

Standalone-Music FISHBIRD – Serum House Presets By 7 SKies

Presets List

ARP – All You Need
ARP – Broken Nokia
ARP – Pulsing Square
BA – A Nasty Bass
BA – Ah Ok
BA – All In The Harmonics
BA – Bite
BA – D# Sounds Best
BA – Dipper
BA – Filter Tom.fxp
BA – Five Fm.fxp
BA – Here We Go
BA – Indigo
BA – Kenny
BA – Le Gee
BA – Loser
BA – Oxidize
BA – Pharaon.fxp
BA – Plank
BA – Pro Fat
BA – Supernova
BA – Supreme
BA – Undergroundd
BA – Upper Level
CHD – More Life
CHD – Pump It Up
CHD – Turn It Off
LD – Bit Too Hard
LD – Dust To Dust
LD – Evidence Of Time
LD – My Mini Moo
LD – Pierce
LD – Ratty
LD – Rave Lead
PD – Analog Strings.fxp
PD – Detuner.fxp
PD – Domain
PL – 5AM
PL – Double Face
PL – Ploy

Included in this pack :

21 Basses
7 Leads
3 Arps
3 Chords
3 Pads
3 Plucks
30 Wavetables from Analog Synthesizer

Download Details :

Format: .FXP / .WAV
File Size (Zipped): 2.1Mb
File Count: 40 Presets + 30 Wavetables


We listened and analysed hundreds of House hits, and carefully created presets that will help you take your house production to the same sonic level as the best house producers in the scene right now.


The presets have extensive use of all 4 Serum Macros.
Some offer quick access to basic parameters such as Cutoff, Distortion, Dry / Wet.
Some other allow you to completely change the character of the sound, this allows you to create a new presets within the presets with just a few knob tweaks.

Compatible with every DAW

Every Standalone-Music presets pack (including this one) is perfect for any DAW no matter what you use.
As far as you own Xfer Serum, these sounds will be compatible with any DAW including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Studio One, Digital Performer, Pro-Tools, Reason and more.

Used by the Pros!

We are known to be professional producers first choice!
Our presets and samples are constantly supported by Grammy award winner producers and artists such as Tiesto, Calvin Harris, KSHMR, and many others.
Now your music can finally have the same hi-quality sounds the pros use.
In order to use Fishbird soundset you must have SERUM 1.114.
Demo Preview:

Production Music Live How to Write Melodies

By | October 30, 2019

PML Production Music Live How to Write Melodies Full Course

Production Music Live How to Write Melodies Full Course
Size 10.7 Gb

How to Write Melodies
Do you have problems writing catchy Melodies?
Then this Step by Step guide is for you!
✓ Write melodies. Starting with the basic concepts around melodies, you’ll learn how to come up with awesome melodies for your own music.
✓ Practical. This course is made for electronic music producers, offering many practial examples and writing sessions for different styles.
✓ Detailed. It’s like being together in the studio. We are commenting and explaining every step in detail so you can follow along.

What you are getting

✓ A complete beginner friendly online course, learn how to write your own awesome melodies
✓ 35+ video tutorials
✓ 4h+ online video sessions with lifetime-access
✓ 100+ MIDI Files included in basic course plan.

Who is it made for?

This course is designed for electronic music producers – we are going to take the perspective of someone working inside a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) – like Logic, Ableton Live, FL Studio.
The course is for beginners but its also suitable for advanced learners of the subject as we go into great detail after our first “basics” block is covered.

What you will learn inside How to Write Melodies Course?

Part 1: We are going to learn the basic concepts around melodies, making use of many examples.
Part 2: We will take a deeper look into scales and modes as starting points for more advanced and intentional melody writing. We will learn how to come up with great melodies, using different scales and modes, “that work” in your own compositions and make them sound more interesting and unique.
Part 3: You will find practical writing sessions for different styles such as Deep House, Future Bass, EDM, Summer Vibes, Progressive House and Melodic Deep / Techno.
Along the way, we are going through many nice sound examples and sharing a lot of our specific composition knowledge and experience.
Demo Preview:

Cymatics Trap & 808s Premium Sample Library

By | October 30, 2019

Cymatics Trap & 808s Premium Sample Library

Cymatics Trap & 808s Premium Sample Library
Size 861 Mb

Trap & 808s – Premium Sample Library
Take your production to the next level with the sound library unlike anything we ever released!
What exactly is “Trap & 808s”?
Whether it’s modern Hip Hop heavyweights like Metro Boomin and Murda Beatz, or more EDM-centric producers like RL Grime, Baauer, and Troyboi…
The Trap genre comes in many different forms and variations.
Inspired by the versatility of this genre, our experienced production team created “Trap and 808s” Premium Sample Library — an all-encompassing collection of over 950 samples & loops that showcase the very best that Trap music has to offer.
The entire collection is extremely diverse, giving you everything from Trap synth drop loops and soft modern Hip Hop melody loops, to crisp drum one shots, organic FX, and MUCH more.
Not to mention, the 808s in this pack are without a doubt the best we’ve ever created.
You’ll find rich 808 samples in every single key, and our team put extra emphasis on making sure the sub and harmonics came through for all of them — even for the lowest notes.
There isn’t a single one you can’t use, and they’ll all sound great in your mix.
Get everything you’ll need to make great Trap music, all at your fingertips.
Add “Trap and 808s” to your arsenal now!

What’s included in Trap and 808s?

249 Drum Loops
442 Drum One Shots
40 FX
103 Instrument Loops
95 Melody Loops
27 Synth Loops
Demo Preview:

Ultrasonic Future Bass Essentials Vol.2

By | October 30, 2019

Ultrasonic Future Bass Essentials Vol.2
Size 1.85 Gb

Ultrasonic – Future Bass Essentials Vol.2

835 Drum Samples

This sample pack contains over 800 high-quality
samples ready to use in your productions.


This pack comes with 350 amazing presets for your favorite synthesizers.


The project files are already mixed and mastered and you will learn how to use plugins such as:
Fabfilter Plugins / Waves Plugins / FL Studio Plugins

Ultrasonic – Future Bass Essentials Vol.2 includes:

➜150 Serum Presets
➜100 Sylenth1 Presets
➜100 Spire Presets
➜835 One Shots & Drum Loops
➜5 Project Files for FL Studio 20

In order to use the soundbank you will need Serum version 1.1 or higher.
In order to use the soundbank you will need Sylenth1 version 2.2.1 or higher.
In order to use the soundbank you will need Spire version 1.1.13.
In order to use the soundbanks you will need any DAW that can load VST-Plugins like Sylenth1 and Serum.
To use the Sample Pack you will need any DAW that can load WAV samples.
For the Project Files you will need FL Studio 20.
Demo Preview: