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Acustica Audio Ivory 5 2023 [WIN]

By | December 8, 2023

Acustica Audio Ivory 5 2023 [WIN] Ivory is a VST/AAX/AU plugin suite that includes 2 equalizers, 2 compressors, 2 dynamic equalizers, and to top it all off, a powerful mastering limiter. Ivory 5 is a transparent yet extremely musical processing suite that shines on pretty much anything you throw at it. Whether you’re a mastering engineer looking for… Read More »

Joey Sturgis Tones Howard Benson Vocals v1.0.1 [WIN]

By | December 8, 2023

Joey Sturgis Tones Howard Benson Vocals v1.0.1 [WIN] Get Howard Benson’s Award-Winning Vocal Chain! Joey Sturgis Tones announce an all-new vocal mixing plugin, Howard Benson Vocals, the signature vocal chain of legendary producer Howard Benson. Altogether, Benson has contributed to more than 100 million album sales and more than 20 billion streams over the course of his career.… Read More »

Acustica Audio Maize 2023 [WIN]

By | December 8, 2023

Acustica Audio Maize 2023 [WIN] Maize is the authentic Markbass PP-10 Parametric Equalizer in plugin form: an official recreation of their PP10 EQ hardware. Maize is the official recreation of the PP10 EQ by Markbass. Maize is a VST/VST3/AAX/AU Acqua plugin that faithfully replicates the behavior and sound of the highly-prized PP10 by Markbass: a solid-state parametric equalizer… Read More »

Kuassa Efektor Modulation Too Bundle v1.0.0 [WIN]

By | December 8, 2023

Kuassa Efektor Modulation Too Bundle v1.0.0 [WIN] The Part-Two of Efektor Modulation plugins, each designed to elevate your musical expression. From the soulful undulations of vibrato to the immersive rotary swirls, psychedelic vibes, and otherworldly tones of the ring modulator. Here’s What Included: Optical Vibe Machine Psychedelic Revival: Kuassa Efektor Omnivibe channels the iconic spirit of the classic… Read More »

Acustica Audio Lava 2023 [WIN]

By | December 6, 2023

Acustica Audio Lava 2023 [WIN] Lava is a VST/VST3/AAX/AU Acqua plugin that accurately recreates the tones of classic microphones, including their response, harmonic content and proximity effect. With just a few clicks using this out-of-the-box plugin, you can make your own microphones sound just like the mics you’ve always dreamed of owning. Instantly expand the range of sounds… Read More »

Sonic Charge Synplant 2 v2.0.1 [WIN]

By | December 5, 2023

Sonic Charge Synplant 2 v2.0.1 [WIN] Synplant takes a genetic twist on sound design by moving beyond traditional knob-twisting and dial-adjusting, emphasizing exploration and discovery. Here, your ears guide you through a forest of organic textures and evolving timbres. Genopatch Technology: Genopatch crafts synth patches from audio recordings, using AI to find optimal synth settings based on your… Read More »

Acustica Audio Snow 2023 [WIN]

By | December 5, 2023

Acustica Audio Snow 2023 [WIN] Snow is a suite of 4 plugins emulating modern British-style, high-end gear. The original sampled units were artfully designed by the most celebrated personality in the history of professional audio and represent the culmination of his extensive knowledge of analog circuits. The plugin includes several world-class units, including one of the most expensive… Read More »

Cherry Audio Synthesizer Expander Module v1.0.2.19 [WIN]

By | December 5, 2023

Cherry Audio Synthesizer Expander Module v1.0.2.19 [WIN] One Tremendously Powerful Voice Synthesizer Expander Module is a free emulation of the classic Oberheim® self‑contained synthesizer module of the same name. Originally released in 1974, the keyboardless, mono module was intended as a companion to the one of the earliest digital sequencers, the Oberheim DS-2. Soon thereafter, Oberheim linked multiple… Read More »

Sonic Charge Echobode v1.2.0 [WIN]

By | December 5, 2023

Sonic Charge Echobode v1.2.0 [WIN] About Echobode Echobode is a delay effect with a frequency shifter placed inside the feedback loop. The frequency shifter algorithm is inspired by the classic Bode Frequency Shifter (named after its inventor Harald Bode). The difference between a frequency shifter and a pitch shifter is that it shifts the audio spectrum linearly. E.g.… Read More »

Sonic Charge Bitspeek v1.7.0 [WIN]

By | December 5, 2023

Sonic Charge Bitspeek v1.7.0 [WIN] About Bitspeek Bitspeek is a real-time pitch-excited linear prediction codec effect. Right now you are probably thinking, “oh, another one of those”? Or perhaps not. Chances are that you have never heard about “linear prediction”, although most of us use it daily when we talk on our cell phones. Linear prediction coding is… Read More »

Plugin Alliance Cyber Bundle 2023 [WIN]

By | December 5, 2023

Plugin Alliance Cyber Bundle 2023 [WIN] The Cyber Bundle includes all Plugin Alliance plugins until now, from the first Plugin Alliance plugin ever until the latest release: Brainworx bx_console AMEK 200. This is the complete Plugin Alliance collection – over 180+ plugins from over 40 of the most respected pro audio brands, including Focusrite, SSL, Brainworx, Shadow Hills… Read More »

Acustica Audio Cobalt 2 2023 [WIN]

By | December 4, 2023

Acustica Audio Cobalt 2 2023 [WIN] The vintage, tube, analog monster sound — resampled. This plugin suite is a novelty for Acustica, as it’s completely different than any other Acqua suite. Luca Martegani, also known as Xelius, is the manufacturer of an incredible suite of hand-built audio hardware characterized by immaculate sound, quality, and value. The equalizer and… Read More »

Acustica Audio Jade 2 2023 [WIN]

By | December 2, 2023

Acustica Audio Jade 2 2023 [WIN] Jade 2 is composed of 6 different hardware units merged into 3 EQ emulations, 2 dynamics processors, and a completely new preamplifier section. Magic In the “Air” Jade 2 could easily be considered one of the most versatile plugin suites we’ve ever created. Not only does it deliver a deep, warm, sophisticated… Read More »

Pulsar Modular P915 Medusa v1.0.0 [WIN]

By | December 2, 2023

Pulsar Modular P915 Medusa v1.0.0 [WIN] The intent of the Fixed Filter Bank was to enhance the primary signal of the synthesizer, adding harmonics at specific frequencies or removing them at others. Some wanted completely new and never before heard sonic landscapes to push themselves and their audiences into new worlds of musical experience. Others wanted to create… Read More »