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Narcos 100% Gangster Trap WAV

By | November 30, 2018

Narcos 100% Gangster Trap WAV

Narcos 100% Gangster Trap WAV
Size 360 Mb

If you like your trap music hard, dark and sinister, then Narcos 100% Gangster Trap is just for you. A library of pure mayhem, completely jam-packed with the most ground-shaking sounds and samples, just waiting to be unleashed into your DAW and assist you in creating some next level damage.

With Trap music having an ever-increasingly powerful force over the world’s dancefloors, we know the little details count and can make a track go from a casual head-nod to a notoriously dirty, hands-in-the-air dubplate. We therefore have used plugins to make some notes individually timestretch and bend, creating some more original twist to the sinister bell melodies trap is famous for. We also processed the basslines with outboard gear for real gritty 808s. The detail is this pack is astounding! We took the time to cover all the necessary angles, when it comes to ensuring you have the best tools for the job.

Expect 700MB+ of gangster samples, including: grimey & distorted 808 basslines, raw synths, synthlines and stabs, frantic drums with rapid, tinkering hi-hat patterns, sharp snares and snare rolls, snappy claps, tight percussion loops, reverberating melodies & sinister bells, vocal shots and vibey FX – all of which have been carefully and intricately designed, using highest quality gear and hardware here in our lab such as the TR808, Roland Juno DS and the Waldorf Pulse 2 to name a few. Narcos contains only top quality sounds!

This pack was heavily influenced by the likes of Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Metro Boomin, Young Thug, Travis Scott, Quavo, Meek Mill, YG, 2 Chainz and contains a plethora of sounds made to accommodate the needs of any producer looking to serve up some Trap-infused destruction, but will equally sit perfectly in other genres as well, such as: Grime, Hip-Hop, Dubstep and other genres.

Every individual sound in this pack is 100% royalty free and available in 24-bit WAV.

Laying down your ideas and getting to work has never been easier – just simply drag and drop, then flex those trigger fingers and get ready to make pure gangster hellfire!

Grab ‘Narcos’ now!

808 Loops (32)
808 One Shots (19)
Dark Soundscapes (40)
Drum & Percussion Loops (103)
Drum & Percussion One Shots (107)
FX (28)
Melodic Loops (50)
Melodic One Shots (15)
Vocal Hype Loops (19)

Demo Preview:

Audio Reward Headphase (v1 + v2) KONTAKT

By | November 30, 2018

Audio Reward Headphase (v1 + v2) KONTAKT

Audio Reward Headphase (v1 + v2) KONTAKT
Size 77l Mb

In keeping with our philosophy of creating innovative new sound design concepts we created Headphase.

Headphase is packed with 1323 custom made samples inspired by our love of nostalgic sounds. Each sound can be controlled in many ways and blended to
create sonically deep and lush textures.

Each sound has been specifcally made for Headphase and we have drawn our inspiration heavily from the Boards of Canada pallette hence the name.

On the surface you can start loading presets and playing Headphase instantly and you can get creative by turning a few controls to see what they do but
Headphase goes much deeper than this. It uses a new concept ‘Audio Design partials’ to give you access to various parameters while just moving one of 4
knobs. These will open up a world of new sounds. Move a ‘Partial’ knob and listen as the sound morphs and changes in various unexpected ways.
We wanted to make an instrument that could be used for rapid inspiration and for generating unique sounds very quickly.

Please note: You must own the FULL version of Kontakt and you must have version 5.7 to load Headphase

Version 2 is included in your purchase.


Headphase is now at version 2 which has a few improvements over the original version.

It also includes 100 new snapshots.

We decided to treat V2 as a new instrument so, when you purchase Headphase, you can download both versions and install them seperately.

Version 2 includes:

1. Dual Gates (each voice has its own gate)
2. Gate syncopation – Adds in an envelope as part of each step so even if you set all the gate step values to the same you will still hear each gate step
3. Voice routing – each voice now has its own routing – which means its own Send Levels and its own FX generated by the smooth partials.
4. Mod Wheel positioning – Move the mod wheel and you will begin to influence where in the wave file Headphase is sampling from.
5. 100 new snapshots

The snapshots are incompatible between versions so we strongly advise you download both versions if you want to use the snapshots or you can just use version 2 if you want to design your own.

The Drift control emulates the tuning inconsistencies/niceties of old(er) hardware instruments.

Drift will slowly move the tuning of each of the instrument voices over time – the further you turn the dial the more “out of tune” the instrument will drift.

Once Drift has reached a target tuning it will identify a new tuning and slowly move to that – so it never stays static for long.

The Gate Sequencer can be used to add further movement to your sounds.

It can be used to subtly modulate over time or to create choppy sequences and tempo-synced rhythms.

The Gate Sequencer also has the ability to load and save presets directly from disk.

157 handcrafted snapshots are included to get you started. Please ensure you place the snapshots in the correct location to use them. Please refer to the user guide for more information.

Organic Ambience – Essential Downtempo & Chill WAV MIDI

By | November 30, 2018

Organic Ambience - Essential Downtempo & Chill WAV MIDI

Organic Ambience – Essential Downtempo & Chill WAV MIDI
Size 946 Mb

Expand your productions into whole new creative environment with Organic Ambience, a library pushing the boundaries with a distinct dry feel whilst maintaining a larger than life sonic atmosphere.

The bedrock of this library is the 120 individual drum hits that have a vast range of sonic properties yet have a cohesive feel throughout, providing a consistent timbre to work around. For those looking for a smooth workflow, there are 30 ready-to-go drum loops to choose from, as well as stem bounces to allow quick and easy interchangeability between the various grooves on offer to create your own unique patterns.

Organic Ambience possesses a rich tapestry of loops and one shot musical elements. The stacks section contains a wealth of music loops which are layers of a variety of instruments, from cascading strings, warm pianos, reversed synth elements, analogue basslines, and plenty more. All elements contained in the stacks samples are broken down to provide the subsequent bass, melody, and chord sections of the library, accompanied by respective MIDI parts for those who wish to add their own sonic imprint to their productions.

Where this library really comes into its own is with the SFX and ambient textures. Whether that be to creatively utilise the ticking of a clock, or to subtly place an ambient texture in the back of the mix throughout, these meticulously crafted samples are what add the final level of detail and transport your productions to a convincing sonic environment.

Organic Ambience is a versatile library suitable for producers from a vast range of genres looking to expand the sonic palette within their sample bank with meticulously crafted high quality samples.

Whats in the pack?

• 120 Gentle drum hits
• 30 Detailed drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)
• 20 Bonus percussion loops
• 20 Warm bass loops (including Midi files)
• 40 Thick chord loops (including Midi files)
• 30 Precise melody loops (including Midi files)
• 20 Intricate stacks
• 42 Versatile SFX
• 15 Real ambient textures
• 40 Musical one shots

Demo Preview:

Audio Reward Quarantine KONTAKT

By | November 30, 2018

Audio Reward Quarantine KONTAKT

Audio Reward Quarantine KONTAKT
Size 1.28 Gb

Quarantine is an advanced alien sound creator for all your modern, science fiction sound design needs.

Quarantine uses our AGRA Engine (Advanced Grain Recombination Architecture) that provides you with a new approach to generating, combining and manipulating sounds,

Quarantine contains an atmospheric, restless, disturbed and unusual set of sounds created by acclaimed sound designer Glitchmachines.

IMPORTANT – You must have the FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 to load Quarantine (Not suitable for Kontakt Player)


An incredible selection of source sounds designed for futuristic sound design
Advanced granular manipulation engine with deep control
Dual source architecture for blending and manipulating sounds
Independent gates for each voice
Shift Mode controls for adding pitched overtones to source sounds
4 send level controls with 5 selectable effects per send
MIX control acts as a Macro assign knob
Attack, Release, Position, Movement and Length controls for individual grains
3 Filters with LFO Speed and Depth
Unique 8 lane sequencer to sequence each held note independently
Randomisation control
Save and Load patterns for each gate and sequencer
95 Snapshots
Quarantine contains our innovative and unique sequencing arpeggiator. This is a very powerful tool for quickly creating interesting phrases. The Arp-Seq acts a little like a classic arpeggiator but instead of playing each key in turn Arp-Seq assigns a 16 step sequencer to each note you hold down, up to a maximum of 8 notes.

Whilst you hold down a note Arp-Seq will run through the sequencer playing the note held down at times decided by the sequencer.


By | November 30, 2018


Size 829 Mb

Containing over 700 loops and samples, Pluto is one of the most powerful all in one sample packs designed for Trap and Hip-hop productions.

Thumping 808 & kick samples
Percussion & hi-hat samples
Vocal effects & chops
Hundreds of melody loops
Drop defining 808 loops
Trap style drum loops
Rhythmic percussion loops
Necessary bpm & key labels
High-quality & production ready


FabFilter Total Bundle 2018 WIN & MacOSX

By | November 30, 2018

FabFilter Total Bundle 2018 WIN & MacOSX

FabFilter Total Bundle 2018 WIN & MacOSX
Size 124 Mb

The Total Bundle is a set of all FabFilter plug-ins. With this bundle, you get our professional EQ, reverb, compressor, multiband dynamics, limiter, de-esser and gate/expander, creative multiband distortion, delay, filter and synthesizer plug-ins.

FabFilter has released the Pro-Q 3 equalizer plug-in that introduces dynamic EQ, surround support, per-band mid/side processing, new brickwall and flat tilt filters, external spectrum visualization with collision detection and more, while staying true to Pro-Q’s pristine sound quality and exceptional ease of use.

We have just released FabFilter Pro-Q 3.01, which solves a number of issues that have surfaced shortly after the official release of Pro-Q 3. This version contains the following bug fixes and improvements:

Fixed a bug that caused all VST instances of Pro-Q 3 to open with default parameter settings when opening a previously saved session in Ableton Live. Note: sessions were actually saved correctly, so when using this updated version, these sessions will load successfully.
Fixed a bug (only on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11) that could cause random parameter jumps when dragging an EQ band in the display, while holding down one of the modifier keys.
Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to select an external spectrum in the analyzer panel when using the VST3 version of Pro-Q 3 in Studio One on Mac (and possibly in other hosts as well).
Fixed a bug that could cause an unexpected jump in frequency when dragging multiple EQ bands with a specific combination of settings.
Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when creating and dragging a band, and then using the mouse wheel in combination with modifier keys.
Improved how instances are sorted by name in the list of external spectrums in the analyzer panel.


* FabFilter Micro – v1.18
* FabFilter One 3 – v3.28
* FabFilter Pro-C 2 – v2.06
* FabFilter Pro-DS – v1.10
* FabFilter Pro-G – v1.20
* FabFilter Pro-L 2 – v2.01
* FabFilter Pro-MB – v1.17
* FabFilter Pro-Q 3 – v3.01 (No RTAS)
* FabFilter Pro-R – v1.04
* FabFilter Saturn – v1.18
* FabFilter Simplon – v1.28
* FabFilter Timeless 2 – v2.28
* FabFilter Twin 2 – v2.28
* FabFilter Volcano – v2.28

Jaydon Lewis Majestic Sounds WAV

By | November 30, 2018

Jaydon Lewis Majestic Sounds WAV

Jaydon Lewis Majestic Sounds WAV
Size 93 Mb

If you want to produce future bass/trap music at a professional level…

Then this pack is exactly what you need.

With it, you’ll be able to make your tracks radio-ready using all of Jaydon Lewis’ signature sounds which have generated over 90 million plays.

Inside, you’ll find dirty basses, unique leads, crisp drums, fully-loaded kits and much more exported straight from Jaydon Lewis’ projects.

These sounds are a must-have if you want to stand out from the competition and breakthrough in the future bass/trap scene.

What’s inside the pack?

20 808’s
20 Kicks
46 Claps & Snares
20 Hats & Cymbals
30 Percs
10 Bass Oneshots
10 Lead Oneshots
10 Pad Oneshots
5 Vocal Oneshots
3 Full Construction Kits From The Demo Track Including Over 30 Stems

Demo Preview:

Sonic Academy KICK 2 Presets Vol 7 – Progressive & Tech House

By | November 30, 2018

Sonic Academy KICK 2 Presets Vol 7 Progressive and Tech House-SYNTHiC4TE

Sonic Academy KICK 2 Presets Vol 7 – Progressive & Tech House
Size 5 Mb

An essential tool for producing Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House and Minimal, Sonic Academy is proud to present ‘Kick Presets Volume 7 – Progressive and Tech House’. 50
incredibly punchy kick drum presets and 50 carefully crafted custom clicks, to get your productions rock solid everytime. Mix and match the 50 clicks with the designed low end to create endless combinations and tones.
Here you will find deep progressive kicks, punchy tech house style kicks, or room-filling kicks to occupy that minimal space.

With Kick 2 to get full control over key, shape, and length of your kicks like never before. We have designed these kicks for maximum impact with minimum effort. SImply open the preset to start, or endlessly tweak until you get your perfect kick!


50 amazing Kick 2 presets to get your progressive house and tech house groove on. Created with production and workflow in mind, all presets are production ready but are infinitely and quickly tweakable so you get the sound you want and need.
Mix and match with the 50 highly process custom clicks to have the ultimate producers toolbox!


50 x Presets
50 x Custom Clicks

Touch Loops Velvet Pop WAV

By | November 30, 2018

Touch Loops Velvet Pop WAV

Touch Loops Velvet Pop WAV
Size 362 Mb

Whimsical, dreamy and truly inspirational. Velvet Pop is a magical journey into the sample treasure chest that is ambience, jazz, electronica and future pop. These beautifully charming pop samples takes the listener on a journey into a world like no other. Fun time synths dance against the jazz tinged Rhodes loops, skatty arpeggios sore and amaze whilst the beats offer some grounding to a pack of extraordinary delights.

Created in house by our favourite resident sound designer, this pack offers absolute tranquility and calm, allowing your compositions to take the listener on an incredible day-dreaming journey. Inspired by the works of Tennyson, Anomalie, Noname and contemporary pop but with it’s own unique twist, this delicate and delightful sample pack will instantly bring a smile to your face.

Inside you’ll discover otherworldly synth passes, skatty dancing arpeggio’s, warm analogue subs, jazz tinged licks and chord progressions, delicious foley based drums, bendy synth chords and a huge selection of wonderful beats and percussion loops.

So if you’re looking for a collection of sounds that sets you apart from the crowd then this ones for you – an absolute delight and pleasure each and every time.


Size: 588.3mb
Loops: 192
One Shots: 113

Demo Preview:

Composers Tools Voce KONTAKT

By | November 30, 2018

Composers Tools Voce KONTAKT

Composers Tools Voce KONTAKT
Size 114 Mb

A new extraordinary sound shaper. From a percussive ice drop like sound, to infinite atmospheres, now, you can create it.

VOCE runs in the full version of Kontakt. The interface features 4 modules
and within each you can activate up to 8 available sound sources. Use the
source menus to mix the sources volume, panning and tuning, before
sending the signal to mixing and FX. The onboard compressor and a
Surround Panner are provided to help you adjust your sound’s punch and

Randomisation is your friend with VOCE, and each control can be
randomised by shift clicking an interface control. For ultimate creativity
there’s also a “total randomiser” button.

VOCE is a very fexible instrument and includes both one-shot playback and
an arpeggiator which follows the notes in the order that you press them.
There are many diferent note divisions and also special arpeggio patterns
which combine repetitions with ADSR and FX randomisation.


Version – Kontakt 5.5.2 FULL
Size – 150 MB
Audio Format – 24Bit/48kHz uncompressed stereo WAV PCM

Demo Preview:

Mai Fuze Mastering Kit for FL Studio

By | November 30, 2018

Mai Fuze Mastering Kit for FL Studio

Mai Fuze Mastering Kit for FL Studio
Size 4 Mb

Fuze Mastering Kit

Get this if you want to LEVEL UP your mixing.


Includes all the master chains I use. 3rd Party Plugins are included, but there are also presets using default plugins. Works with FL Studio Only. It also includes a text document which talks about my process as far as mastering. STRAIGHT SAUCE!!

Velvet – Experimental Hip Hop, Trap & House WAV MIDI

By | November 30, 2018

Velvet - Experimental Hip Hop, Trap & House WAV MIDI

Velvet – Experimental Hip Hop, Trap & House WAV MIDI
Size 928 Mb

We proudly present to you, the sound of ‘Velvet’, a formidably versatile library that maintains a cohesive sonic aesthetic throughout whilst spanning a range of genres such as Midtempo, Hip Hop, House, LoFi, and more.

At a massive 1.5GB Velvet is one of our larger packs to date, however the carefully processed samples ensure that it does not sacrifice quality over quantity.

Craft the bedrock of your productions with the 120 detailed individual drum hits provided, varying from snappy snares, dusty kicks, characterful percussion hits, and shimmering tops. For those who are after a quick beat there is no shortage of loops to choose from.

Whether you’re after a 120BPM house beat with creative percussion, or a downtempo groove at 80BPM with rolling hats, Velvet can provide.

All loops are split up into respective stems, enabling quick interchangeability between the grooves on offer for a smooth creative process.

The musical samples that Velvet has to offer toe the line between organic and digital, largely consisting of creatively warped and layered instruments to provide an addictively unique timbre.

Dive into the plethora of musical stacks to hear wonderfully crafted pairings such as warm electric bass lines with swelling twisted melodies, soaring lucid pads, and many more.

For those who are looking for further inspiration, Velvet provides further instances of the stacks, with ‘Aged’ versions being processed to enhance the LoFi feel, whilst the ‘Chopped’ versions add contorted flair.

In addition to the Stacks, you can find a healthy selection of individual chord, melody, and bass loops, with accompanying MIDI files, for those who like to be more intricate with their approach.

For that final layer of detail, Velvet hosts an array of adaptable SFX.

You can find elements that will help with transition sections such as reverse sweeps, perhaps a texture layer that is suited to be used as an atmosphere to help fill out the mix, or even a dialogue sample to give your track some narrative and identity.

Velvet is an essential pack for producers from a large variety of genres, each and every sample containing an intricate level of detail to ensure the highest level of quality for your productions.

Whats in the pack?

• 120 Hard hitting drum hits
• 20 Formidable drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)
• 40 Bonus percussion loops
• 30 Thick bass Loops (including Midi files)
• 30 Innovative chord Loops (including Midi files)
• 55 Diverse melody Loops (including Midi files)
• 25 Motivating stack loops (+ aged & chopped edits)
• 55 Imaginative SFX
• 75 Artistic musical one shots

Demo Preview:

Sound Morph Rupture WAV

By | November 29, 2018

Sound Morph Rupture WAV

Sound Morph Rupture WAV
Size 181 Mb

Over 20 different materials being ruptured! Categorized for immediate game implementation. For games, film, & TV sound design.

Rupture is a sound library of impacts and destruction, categorized and ready for immediate implementation into any game. It’s not only for games though, Rupture would be perfectly suited in any film or media project where high quality impacts, breaks, and destruction are needed. You could think of Rupture as the baby brother to our massive destruction library Matter Mayhem, but Rupture comes with all new recordings, new textures, and new objects. For the price, it’s a must have!


Rupture was created in collaboration with Rick Hernandez, a Los Angeles based professional sound designer. Rick is an accomplished AAA video game sound designer and field recordist. He also works on feature films & television. Learn more about Rick and his company Melee Sound Design.

Rupture features 375+ sounds and 517Mb of 16bit/48khz files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer & Basehead metada including:

– Brick breaks/ crushes
– Car impacts
– Concrete impacts
– Dirt, dust, debris
– Drywall impacts
– Glass breaks, shatters, cracking
– Ice explosions
– Lights shatters
– Marble impacts
– Metal impacts
– Plaster impacts
– Rock crumble, roll, impacts
– Sand blasts, debris, dust
– Snow impacts
– Trees hits
– Water splashes
– Wood crushes, impacts, breaks

Demo Preview:

Studio 63 Deep House Vol.2 WAV MIDI PRESETS

By | November 29, 2018

Studio 63 Deep House Vol.2 WAV MIDI PRESETS

Studio 63 Deep House Vol.2 WAV MIDI PRESETS
Size 66 Mb

Studio 63 Deep House Vol.2 – Presets, Samples, Construction kits for Spire synthesizer.

Deep House Vol.2 is the new collection of Deep House samples and presets for the Spire synthesizer from Studio 63! Inside you will find kits with drum loops, melodies, effects, MIDI files, and one-shot samples. MIDI files provide maximum flexibility in your projects.

Product details:

• 70 Spire presets
• 4 Constructions Kits
– 14 Midi files
– 41 wav samples
– 50 one shots

100% royalty-free.

Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer Version 1.1.14 Or Higher.

Demo Preview:

Black Octopus Sound World Percussion Ensemble WAV

By | November 29, 2018

Black Octopus Sound World Percussion Ensemble WAV

Black Octopus Sound World Percussion Ensemble WAV
Size 536 Mb

Nik Tourbis is a known Afro-Beat Percussionist and teaches students from all around the world the art and techniques of Latin and Tribal Brazilian Percussion styles. He is back on his recording duties with producer Basement Freaks to deliver a pack that is truly one of a kind and for any enthusiasts of Tribal, Afrikan, Brazilian, Latin style, and even a hint of middle eastern percussion loops and samples.

World Percussion Ensemble will bring that live played groove to anything you are working on. Cowbells? Got you covered. Congas? Oh you bet! Its endless! Timpalas with and without effects gives you variations you’ve never thought was imaginable from a percussion pack. Each ‘lick’ and ‘loop’ is processed differently to give you image and depth in your workflow.

This MONSTER pack of percussion elements can be used for any styles, whether you are making your next big festival EDM hit, or scoring a film that cries out for a salsa steppin’ touch. Inside you will also find Demo and Music loops that have brass music (great for Trap!) and other unique sounds as combo loops. Full kits to get inspired; just slam one of these bad boys into your DAW of choice and quickly have a song structure ready to push you to your limits! Grab World Percussion Ensemble today and make the next hit!

Whats in the pack:

67 Conga Licks
167 Conga Loops
46 Cowbells
22 Demo and Music Loops (Combo Loops)
11 Full Kits
36 Kit Stems
57 One Shots
146 Timpalas Samples

Demo Preview: