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That Sound Hangar MULTIFORMAT

By | June 30, 2018

That Sound Hangar MULTIFORMAT

That Sound Hangar MULTIFORMAT
Size 1.35 Gb

After 2 hours at 47,000 feet above ground … we touched down early in the evening. As the door to the hangar slid open, there were hugs and hi-fives. We were actually about to do it. What started as a hypothetical “what if” discussion at a team meeting was now as real as the Dassault Falcon that landed us here. We were kids on Christmas morning. We took our time walking around this enormous space, marveling at our individual inferiority as we stood in the abdomen of a room large enough for not one … not two … but yes, three airplanes. With a random series of claps and finger snaps, we tested and familiarized ourselves with the room. We knew we’d either dance or wrestle with this room for the next 24 hours. Natural reverb and delay like you wouldn’t believe, but was it too noisy? Was the tail too long? Would the noise bleed into our samples and create an even more painstaking process than drum sampling already is? There were so many unanswered questions, but the most pressing was obviously, “What the hell is this going to sound like on the other side of the monitors?” We unloaded the plane and set up a 26″ kick, a couple old Rogers toms, a black beauty snare, a couple Constantinoples, some mics, a mini rack, and any other gear we managed to fit onto the plane. Once everything was set up, Paul hit the first snare and we all screamed (not actual words … mostly expletives and onomatopoeia). With wings behind us (literally), mountains beside us, and a sunset before us, we played drums deep into the night. We came away with a sound you won’t believe until you hear it. As the opening act for 2018, we’d like to introduce you to a collection of drum samples unlike any you’ve ever heard … Hangar.


1079 total one-shot and multi-velocity samples, 3 different mix variations (Natural, Big, Brutal), 4 different kicks, 4 different snares, 2 sets of toms, 3 hi-hats, 4 cymbals, 3 buckets, 3 claps, cowbell, 4 sticks, cinema hits (for your next blockbuster), 26 extras, 36 vocal samples

* All samples delivered as 24-bit, 44.1kHz .wav files

100 individual loops with 3 different mix variations (Natural, Big, Brutal), 20 different tempos (ranging from 52 – 155bpm)

Ableton, Reason, EXS24, Battery, Maschine 2, Trigger 2, and Kontakt 5 (full version — presets won’t work with the free version of Kontakt).

For more information or help installing our presets, please visit our Help Center.

Demo Preview:

Bunker 8 Digital Labs Fade To Black

By | June 30, 2018

Bunker 8 Digital Labs Fade To Black MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL

Bunker 8 Digital Labs Fade To Black
Size 747 Mb

‘Fade to Black’ is the library for those moments of eerie contemplation. In ‘Fade to Black’ you are living in the creeping, ambient, uncertain cover of night. Inspired by shows and cinema like Black Mirror, IT, Mr. Robot, Synth, Stranger Things, Sense 8, Anabelle, Mother, etc. comes ‘Fade to Black.’ This library is all about a character being alone in a world they simply do not accept or understand.

Bunker 8 has supplied the bed tracks to many television, soundtrack, cinema and gaming experiences. These grooves are filled with filtered percussive loops, long, twisted pads, throbbing ambient basses, soaring voices, murky keys and echo can noise loops.


• 224 Files
• 3.1 GB of Content
• 112 ACID/WAV Loops
• 112 Apple Loops
• 8 MIDI Construction Kit Files (representing all Kits)

All eight Construction Kits have been carefully edited and sample accurate sliced so that each loop is completely seamless and will perform flawlessly on any DAW/development you happen to choose.

Bunker 8 have been developing sample content for over 18 years, they have provided industry leading content to the best producers, soundtrack composers, video game audio specialists and composers in the industry.

Each Kit contains a full sample mix, plus all the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match to create your blackened concoction. The producers have gone that extra mile to provide sample arrangements for all the Kits themselves plus cleanly separated sample accurate and normalized content. Just drop these into your latest compositions and be careful to look over your shoulder when you do.

Demo Preview:

Hyper Modular House WAV AiFF

By | June 30, 2018

Hyper Modular House WAV AiFF

Hyper Modular House WAV AiFF
Size 395 Mb

Modular House spans a wonderful plethora of live sequenced modular synth loops, luxuriously recorded drums and toasty analogue pads and synths. Ran through a drool-worthy signal chain, this authentic sample pack grabs elements of House and Techno by the scruff of the neck, taking them on a tape laden journey beyond all expectation.

Hand-picked modular systems, Elektron sequencers and Avalon compressors are just a few of the units to be named here which have harmoniously joined together to create this truly special audible sensation.

These pack is ideal for producers who are looking to add some amazing sounds in to their productions.

26 Full Drum Loops
17 Hat & Top Loops
15 No Kick Loops
17 Percussion Loops
14 Kick Loops
15 Snare & Clap Loops
25 Music Loops
25 Bass Loops
10 SFX
60 Single Hits

Wav: 296.5 MB zipped • 224 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.
Apple Loops: 296.5 MB zipped • 299 x AIFF 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.
Drum Loops: 164 MB zipped • 104 x Wav 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.
Music & Bass Loops: 86.7 MB zipped • 50 x Wav 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.

Demo Preview:

Studiolinked Trap Boom 3 WIN & MacOSX

By | June 30, 2018

Studiolinked Trap Boom 3 WIN & MacOSX

Studiolinked Trap Boom 3 WIN & MacOSX
Size Win 4 Gb // Mac 4.1 Gb

Trap Boom 3 (Pc & Mac)

Trap Boom 3 is here. Compatible for both windows & Mac 32/64 Bit. Comes in both VST & Audio unit formats. Trap Boom 3 is the follow up to award winning Trap Boom 2 workstation we released in Oct 2012. Covers 13 instrument categories that are sure to make your beats have that Future , Migos, Metro Boomin type of sound. Trap Boom 3 is the #1 Trap music vst plugin on the market. Get your copy today

120+ Instruments/Presets

Instrument categories:
Tuned 808
Bass Synth
Misc Pads
Ethnic Instruments

Lfo Depth
Lfo Rate

Recommend:2.7GB Free Space – Complete Guide To iZotope Nectar 2

By | June 30, 2018 - Complete Guide To iZotope Nectar 2 – Complete Guide To iZotope Nectar 2
Size 1.93 Gb

Complete Guide To iZotope Nectar 2

The vocals of any track are usually the main focal point – especially if you’re working on a Pop song or have a lead vocalist doing verses for your break sections. Since your listeners will likely focus on the vocals, it is crucial that they sound clean and professional.

In this course, join Nicholas Tchernov as he walks you through all the features of iZotope Nectar 2 and how this plugin can bring your vocals to the next level. He will cover all of the features in Nectar 2 in detail, including its compressor, EQ, pitch editor, breath control tool, and more

PT 1 – Overview_
PT 2 – First Steps In Vocal Processing
PT 3 – Compression
PT 4 – Color In Vocals
PT 5 – Editing Pitch & Formant Shifting
PT 6 – Harmonizing Your Vocals
PT 7 – FX
PT 8 – Nectar 2 Breath Control
PT 9 – Nectar 2 Pitch Editor
PT 10 – Conclusion

Music Weapons Dusty Gems Vol 1-3 WAV

By | June 30, 2018

Music Weapons Dusty Gems Vol 1-3 WAV

Music Weapons Dusty Gems Vol 1-3
Size 458 Mb

A large collection of sounds ranging from classic boom-bap drumkits to melodic stabs and vintage vocal phrases.

Each sound is meant to mimic the act of digging through vinyl to find tasty treats with the same buttery analog tone and noise you would find as well.

Pack Details:

• 463 Melodic One-Shots
• 90 Kicks
• 90 Snares
• 74 Hats
• 89 Open Hats
• 14 Cymbals
• 7 Loose Ac Hats
• 54 Percussion Sounds
• 8 Reverse Cymbals
• 14 Rides
• 64 SFX
• 7 SFX Impacts
• 7 SFX Rises
• 112 Vox Samples
• 96 Bonus Vocal Phrases
• 359 Full Kit Sounds
• 2414 Total Sounds
• 16-Bit 44.1Khz WAV Files

Demo Preview:

Earth Moments ZenPad Waterworx For Ableton Live – Aif

By | June 30, 2018

Earth Moments ZenPad Waterworx For Ableton Live - Aif

Earth Moments ZenPad Waterworx For Ableton Live – Aif
Size 830 Mb

Zenpad Waterworx – a revolutionary new grand construction kit for Ableton Live bringing the ethereal aspects of water to life;

This kit includes more than 400 sounds and samples offering a variety of truly innovative timbres, atmospheric textures, and soundscapes inspired by the rich sound of water tailor made for professional use in music production, sound design and film score compositions.

Waterworx recreates the sounds and atmosphere of rivers, oceans, waterfalls, and lakes. It draws on an array of instrumentation including: various analog synths, guitars, drums, mallet instruments, vocals, piano, acoustic and electric percussion and more.

Tech Specs:

Ableton Live ReadyWavAvailable Formats: 24 Bit, 44.1kHz, Ableton Live Pack Genre: Cinematic, Experimental, Loops ,Sound Effects.

– Over 400 clips, loops and samples
– All clips are sorted by key and tempo
– Clips can be used at any tempo
– Includes acoustic live sounds and authentic recordings

* This Ableton Live Construction Kit is a set of Samples, Phrases, Loops and Clips.

The kit doesn’t include Live Ready Instrument.

Demo Preview:

Sizzle’s (Southside of 808 Mafia) Stolen Laptop Drum Kit WAV FLP

By | June 30, 2018

Sizzle’s (Southside of 808 Mafia) Stolen Laptop Drum Kit WAV FLP

Sizzle’s (Southside of 808 Mafia) Stolen Laptop Drum Kit WAV FLP
Size 48 Mb

Remember when Yung Cartel stole Sizzle’s laptop and was auctioning it off for $50,000?! Well, now you can buy the drum kit made from the laptop that has sounds used by Sizzle, TM88, Dj Spinz, Sonny Digital, and Zaytoven. The kit includes Tags, Kicks, 808s, Claps, FXs, Hats, Percs, Presets, Samples, Snares, and Soundfonts.

The kit has rare sounds like the lex siz 808, TM SIZZ 808, Luger Slap Clap, Hit 1, LexLugerSnare and a bunch more! This kit has the real sounds from Sizzle’s stolen laptop. This kit does not include any FLPs. FLPs will be sold separately.

12 808 Mafia Tags
03 808s
06 Claps
05 Crash
04 FX
24 Hats
06 Kicks
19 Percs
04 Presets
06 Samples
09 Snares
04 Soundfonts
01 Southside Template – Mixing & Mastering Trap in FL Studio

By | June 30, 2018 - Mixing & Mastering Trap in FL Studio – Mixing & Mastering Trap in FL Studio
Size 1.64 Gb

Mixing & Mastering Trap in FL Studio

Mixing and mastering a Trap track can be a difficult task. The genre has a large amount of distortion and an overwhelming amount of low end. This tends to create several challenges for inexperienced engineers and producers alike.

In this course, Maxim will showcase his workflow for mixing and mastering a Trap song. More specifically, he will overview some of the key principles to achieving a professional sounding mixdown, and prepare you for some of the common problems that arise when mixing this genre. Then, he will show you how to add the definitive polish necessary for your Trap song to sound as good as it possibly can.


PT 1 – The Right Foundation
PT 2 – Leads & Problem Solving
PT 3 – Mixbus Processing & Detailing
PT 4 – Loudness
PT 5 – Final Assessment & Referencing

Polo Boy Shawty Lolo Land WAV MIDI

By | June 30, 2018

Polo Boy Shawty Lolo Land WAV MIDI

Polo Boy Shawty Lolo Land WAV MIDI
Size 253 Mb

Lolo Land Kit (Beatstars Exclusive) 

Lolo Land Drum Kit (Beatstars Exclusive)
Upgrade your sound library today with over 408Mb of Exclusive Content created by Polo Boy Shawty.

– Compatible With All DAWS –
– WAV Formatted –

Add This To Your Collection.

11 808’s
22 Clap’s & Snare’s
5 Crashes
7 HiHats
7 Kicks
20 Loops
10 Midi’s
4 Open Hats
14 One-Shot Percussion’s
36 Samples
16 Sound Effects
25 Custom Vox’s – How To Make Trap Drums in Ableton Live

By | June 29, 2018 - How To Make Trap Drums in Ableton Live – How To Make Trap Drums in Ableton Live
Size 452 Mb

How To Make Trap Drums in Ableton Live

Drums are the driving force in most modern tracks. Without solid drums, the rest of your track will fall apart.

In this video, Vince Tascione will explain the main principles that every producer should know when writing Trap drums. He will cover the importance of sample selection, rhythm, and fine detail work. By the end of this video, you should have a strong understanding of how to arrange effective Trap drums.

Video Tutorial Duration: 29 min 05 sec.

Scoring Guitars 2 KONTAKT

By | June 29, 2018

Heavyocity Scoring Guitars 2 KONTAKT

Scoring Guitars 2 KONTAKT
Size 3.8 Gb

Scoring Guitars 2 builds on the inspiring foundation of the original, featuring over 5 GB of all-new production-ready guitar content. Heavyocity’s own Neil Goldberg dove back into the studio to record an atmospheric collection of driving pulses, complex pads, cinematic phrases, and ambient beds and drones — this time focusing on pushing his arsenal of world-class guitars and amps into an edgier sonic space. Add in chunky rhythmic pedals, a plucked, multi-sampled semi-hollow body, and a new set of keys (D & G), and Scoring Guitars 2 is bound to become an invaluable tool for beefing up your cinematic score.

World-Class Gear
From a souped-up Strat to a classic 335, the Heavyocity team has harnessed the beautiful tones and electric energy of their world-class guitar collection. Driven through a wall of premium American & British amps and cabs, this arsenal of equipment elevates the inspiring phrases and rhythmic pedals to a new level. Heavyocity’s stable of high-end outboard gear added additional depth and detail to this cinematic content- the kind that can only be achieved with premium guitars, amps, mics, pedals, and preamps. From chimey, bright clean to warm and crunchy overdrive, Scoring Guitars 2 delivers pure analog vibe and ambience from some of the best guitars and amps available anywhere.

With the cinematic sequel to the award-winning Scoring Guitars, Heavyocity set out to create another cutting-edge guitar virtual instrument…but this time with a little more edge. Driven through a vast collection of studio-quality effects, these guitars were pushed beyond the point of subtle, well into the realm of saturation. After capturing this array of guitar tones, Heavyocity’s team of expert sound designers proceeded to tweak, mix, and mangle these sounds until the cinematic guitars had reached the Heavyocity brand of hybrid sound, heard in film, TV, and game music for nearly a decade.


5.33 GB uncompressed (4.1 GB compressed)
300+ Motion Presets (NKA’s)
380+ NKIs
71 Complex Pads
50 Ambient Beds and Drones
164 Melodic Pulses and Phrases (wet & dry)
88 Rhythmic Pedals (wet & dry)
12 Performance Palettes
3 Xtra Playables
Motion page for advanced volume, pitch, and pan pattern creation
Playable Trigger FX™ for real-time control
Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX

System Requirements

Does NOT require Gravity
Powered by the Kontakt 5 Engine
Kontakt 5 (Player) ver 5.7.1 or higher
Mac: Mac OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12 or 10.13 (latest update), 4 GB RAM
PC: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit) Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4GB RAM

Demo Preview:

Oberheim 8000 – 105 Wavetables WT WAV

By | June 29, 2018

Oberheim 8000 105 Wavetables WT WAV [FREE]

Oberheim 8000 – 105 Wavetables WT WAV
Size 143 Mb

105 wavetables for Dune 2, UVI Falcon, Serum, Icarus and all wavetables synths which can load wavetables as wave files.


SynapseAudio Dune 2 *

Xfer Serum

UVI Falcon

Tone2 Icarus

kv33r audio SynthMaster (2.9.6)

kv33r audio SynthMasterOne

other wavetable synth which can load wav wavetable

* Dune 2 have special wt files for download


30 MB space (for wav files)

330 MB space (for wt files)

Basic Info

Mind Flux Raw Dark Techno WAV

By | June 29, 2018

Mind Flux Raw Dark Techno WAV [FREE]

Mind Flux Raw Dark Techno WAV
Size 308 Mb

The sample pack has over 200 loops that are sculpted to fit perfectly into your techno productions, the pack has everything you would ever need, bass, drums, fx, per, synth and top loops.

Each loop has been carefully created using a whole host of analog gear from the likes of Roland 101, 303, TR8, Juno6, Moog Voyager and Minitaur, Access Virus, Neve, SSL, Korg Ms20, and a range of random guitar pedals.

Raw Dark Techno features

31 Bass Loops.
41 Beat Loops.
21 Drum Loops.
21 FX.
21 Perc Loops.
31 Synth Loops.
43 Top Loops.

Demo Preview:

Schaack Audio Transient Shaper v2.5 Win & MacOSX

By | June 29, 2018

Schaack Audio Transient Shaper v2.5 Win & MacOSX

Schaack Audio Transient Shaper v2.5 Win & MacOSX
Size Win 14 Mb // Mac 28 Mb

Two-Knob dynamic processing
Transient Shaper allows shaping the dynamics with 2 knobs only, making it uniquely easy and fast to use – yet its sonic manipulation scape ranges from gate-like to compressor-like.

V2.x features analog saturation, 3 Attack shapes & 3 Release shapes.

V1.11 and V2.x are compatible. V2.x consumes a bit more CPU than V1.11, so we decided to still let V1.11 online for those who want to continue using V1.11.


Makes your sound louder, gives it more expressiveness and more punch
Ideal for individual or summed drums/percussions shaping
Unique two-knob manipulation characteristics, not obtainable with any other type of gear
Processed sound ranges from gate-like to compression-like
Excellent Gate replacement (sounds smoother than a gate)
3 different Attack shapes and 3 different Release shapes
Saturation for cutting off and smoothing too high transients (generated when using strong Attack)
Resizable GUI (minimized by clicking in top left corner)
Low CPU Usage (typically less than 1% on half-decent systems)

Changes in Transient Shaper v2.5

-Seamlessly resizeable user interface.
-VST3 support.
-x64 support for all formats including VST.
-Backwards-compatible to v2.04.

Demo Preview: