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PBB Future Bass: Beats & Breaks WAV MIDI ALP

By | May 31, 2019

PBB Future Bass: Beats & Breaks WAV MIDI ALP

PBB Future Bass: Beats & Breaks WAV MIDI ALP
Size 464 Mb

Future bass beats and breaks gives you a huge selection of 190 rhythm loops and 130 midi files to build your original future beats with simplicity and ease.

You find these beats work perfectly for future bass, chill trap, wonky electronica and complex IDM.

The collection has been kept flexible by keeping all the loops kick free and instead including 45 Kick Drum Midi pattens, so you can load up a tuned kick and combine that to create more unique , personalised beats very quickly and easily..

The top loops feature a multitude of interesting, futuristic rhythms, fast hi hats, snare rolls, crazy processing, chops and rolls, classic and contemporary drum kits, found sounds and much more

At tempos ranging from 94 BPM to 160 BPM these can be used at half and double speed, enabling their use at any tempo.

Mix Ready to drop straight in your track or combine and chop to create unlimited variations.

As well as the large wav selection, you’ll also find , along with the kick midi, a separate group of 55 midi top loops, for standard chill trap style patterns, with hi hat and snare sections only, plus 30 roll midi files for creating any kind of fill and roll pattern to add on.

Future Bass Beats and breaks offers an invaluable section of rhythmic magic, ready to help your tracks stands out, so download now and make these beats your future…. just add bass !

Soundscape and Melodic Sounds in the Demo song are from Odyssey FX

320 Mb

Demo Preview:

Papa Records House Vocals WAV REX

By | May 31, 2019

Papa Records House Vocals WAV REX

Papa Records House Vocals WAV REX
Size 340 Mb

Loopmasters present Papa Records House Vocals – a good-time selection of Vocals from the expert sample makers at Papa Records. All content is 100% Royalty Free and comes with the polished production sound you’d expect from Loopmasters!

Papa Records House Vocals comes with over 140 Vocal recordings, with expert processing to lift the sound to a higher level. With 50 Vocal Phrases, from male and female singers each with multiple variations, you can create hooks galore from a single file! 74 Adlib Vocals give you flavours and forms to flow over your tracks, and 15 Processed Vocals will give you that instant studio sound. Each vocal is also delivered as a Rex2 Loop for immediate chopping, slicing and expansion of the sounds.

Recorded and produced exclusively for Loopmasters by Reel People leader and founder of Papa Records Oli Lazarus, Papa Records Soul Vocals is at tempos from 120-124BPM, ideal for all kinds of House, as well as Downtempo, Chillout and other Electronic genres. All vocals come key-labelled for instant integration in your projects!

In detail expect to find 473MB of content with 147 individual 24 Bit WAV Vocal Loops – 15 Processed Vocals, 74 Adlibbed Vocals [27 Male, 47 Female] and 58 Vocal Phrases [18 Male, 40 Female]. 147 Rex2 Loops are also included.

Papa Records House Vocals is a soulful collection of good time vocals for your music! Log in to download a free taster pack, and check out the tech specs for more information.

Papa Records House Vocals contains:

  • 473 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 47 Female Adlib Vocal Loops
  • 40 Female Vocal Phrase Loops
  • 27 Male Adlib Vocal Loops
  • 18 Male Vocal Phrase Loops
  • 15 Processed Vocal Loops
  • 147 Rex2 Files

Demo Preview:

Thaloops Beaty Rhythmz WAV

By | May 31, 2019

Thaloops Beaty Rhythmz WAV

Thaloops Beaty Rhythmz WAV
Size 86 Mb

Beaty Rhythmz: that’s 29 modern rhythms for your productions: over 110 loops in acidized WAV and Apple Loops AIFF formats provided with Variations (breaks/fills) for each Main Drum Beat theme. Thaloops are proud to present the ‘Beaty Rhythmz’ Drum Beat Loop-set. The pack includes the hottest Billboard, Top-40 drum loops matching today’s radio hit music! All drum loops are acidized .wav format where each Main Drum Beat Theme is provided with chop-able breaks, fills, percussion rolls etc. That allows the producer to control it’s own original production creativity.

The Beaty Rhythmz loop-set includes 29 Drum Beat themes in a various billboard, top40 TOP genres featuring several styles of artists such as Drake, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Timbaland and more. Whether the beat you are producing is for hip-hop, pop or dance act, this pack is going to match your needs. If you are looking for rare, modern, acoustic/electronic hybrid programmed drum beats ‘Beaty Rhythmz’ is for you.

The Loop-set is organized into multiple popular Music industry tempo directories:

110bpm – 121bpm.

Each tempo group includes original drum loop beat themes, each theme has additional variations. The pack contains 119 loops of 29 hip hop, r’n’b, dance, pop style rhythm themes. All loops are acidized and can be stretched into uptempo or downtempo beats!

Drum loop files from theme 1 in the 100 BPM category are named accordingly:

“Main Loop” = 01M-100.wav (Main loop theme)
“Variation1” = 01V1-100.wav (Variation 1)
“Variation2” = 01V2-100.wav (Variation 2)
“Variation3” = 01V3-100.wav (Variation 3)

Demo Preview:

Live House Strings WAV REX

By | May 31, 2019

Live House Strings WAV REX

Live House Strings WAV REX
Size 661 Mb

Loopmasters proudly present a stunning collection of Live House Strings recorded and produced at the Monster Sounds studios featuring timeless multi tracked Violin loops that will lift your House productions.

Over the years many classic house tracks have used strings mostly played in from soft synths or re sampled from old disco recordings, so going back to the origins of house music from seminal tracks like Derrick Mays “Strings of Life “we thought it was about time there was a violin sample pack inspired by house music, full of nuances and tone that only a real instrument and player can deliver. With chart topping groups like Clean Bandit using real violin and Cello in their tracks, its shows live strings still have their place and sound great in today’s modern productions.

For each loop to give as full and wide a sound as possible we have recorded multiple layers in different microphone positions to eliminate phasing issues.

To build your tracks and to give you full creative control we have split each idea out into its component layers, low, mid, high, or separate melody lead lines and chords and supplied them as separate loops so you have full control of the mix. This means you can easily remove any elements that are too busy in the mix. For those that want the instant impact there is a bounce of the full idea to simply drop into your production.

The Loops are recorded at 120 and 122 bpm these loops will suit many different styles of House music with direct and memorable melodies, driving top lines and also house inspired chord sequences. The loops will also work well with other genres such as Disco, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and Drum and Bass.As a Bonus we have also included a classic house style piano line for each string idea, this helps to see how the string lines fit in situ so you can quickly get a vibe for the string lines underlying melody.

In detail expect to find 785Mb of 24Bit 44.1 kHz with 163 String Loops over 29 themes plus 30 Piano Loops and 193 Rex2 Files

Check out the demo track and test drive the free to use taster pack then get ready to sample House Strings from Loopmasters Today!

Live House Strings Contains:

• 24Bit 44.1 kHz
• 29 themes
• 30 Piano Loops
• 163 String Loops
• 193 Rex2 Files

Demo Preview:

SM Tuned Kicks 1 & 2 MULTIFORMAT

By | May 31, 2019

SM Tuned Kicks 1 & 2 Multiformat

SM Tuned Kicks 1 & 2 MULTIFORMAT
Size 41 Mb


101 key-labeled, thick and punchy, kick drums pumped and primed to pin down the biggest electronic music productions – regardless of genre.

Created from an expert blend of analogue hardware, digital synthesis and precision processing, each kick has been finely sculpted to deliver instant upfront character and punch in any mix.

Packing in subby melters, punchy mid-range thwacks and ultra-detailed layered thumps, there’s more than enough onomatopoeic ammunition to kick-start hundreds of floor-pounding workouts.

Each kick is also conveniently key-labeled, making it easy to match the tuning of your kick to the bassline, synths and tuned percussion in your tracks for maximum melodic cohesion.

We’ve also included sampler patches for EXS24, Battery 3, NN-XT and Ableton to insure an ultra fast workflow.

Please note: the demo includes assorted tops and percussion loops from Mainroom Anthems, Progressive House 2 and Tech-House 2.

Download Contains

101 x 24-bit Wav one-shots
1 x ESX24 bank
2 x NN-XT patches
7 x Battery 3 kits
7 x Ableton Drum Racks


101 killer kicks precision engineered to power the biggest dancefloor tracks, regardless of genre.

From throbbing techno to pumping progressive, upfront EDM to heavyweight house, this much-requested follow-up delivers 101 all-new kicks primed to underpin hundreds of dancefloor weapons.

Painstakingly crafted by layering multiple transients from digital, analogue and re-sampled sources to ensure maximum punch and dynamic character, Tuned Kicks 2 is an essential addition to any serious beat maker’s arsenal.

And because each kick is key-labeled, it’s easy to match the tuning of your kick to the other melodic elements in your arrangement.

We’ve also included sampler patches for EXS24, Kontakt, NN-XT and Ableton to insure an ultra fast workflow.

Download Contains

101 x 24-bit Wav one-shots
1 x EXS24 Bank
2 x NN-XT Reason 7 Patches
1 x Kontakt 5 Patch
1 x Ableton Live 9 Sampler Patch

Demo Preview:

Flagman Afro Tribal Techno & Tech House WAV

By | May 31, 2019

Flagman Afro Tribal Techno & Tech House WAV

Flagman Afro Tribal Techno & Tech House WAV
Size 157 Mb

Flagman Afro Tribal Techno & Tech-House is an 81 fantastic loops at 126 BPM.

This is absolutely new product is prepared especially for those who want and throw to create tracks in electronic styles of modern music with the prefix AFRO & TRIBAL.

Based on experience for more than 10 years, we decided to start creating samples to inspire other producers.

At us, you will always hear fresh good rocking rhythms.

All our releases are guaranteed 100% royalty free, all the releases are recorded and mixed in professional 24-bit quality.


• 81 Loops WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit
• Genre: Techno / Tech House
• Size: 197 MB Zipped – 240 MB Unzipped.

Instrument Types:

• 22 Labeled Wet Afro Vocal Loops
• 20 Tribal Percussion Loops
• 10 Key Labeled Basses
• 10 Kick Loops
• 19 Bonus Percussion Loops and Demo Track

Demo Preview:

JAEGER Hangar 4 (Vocals By Merethe Soltvedt) v1.1 KONTAKT

By | May 31, 2019

JAEGER Hangar 4 (Vocals By Merethe Soltvedt) v1.1 KONTAKT

JAEGER Hangar 4 (Vocals By Merethe Soltvedt) v1.1 KONTAKT
Size 648 Mb


Since Jaeger’s release, the library has received praise from users and reviewers alike and we have received an overwhelming amount of emails and messages about Jaeger’s Hangar 4: the vocals by Merethe Soltvedt.
Here is what some of you had to say about Hangar 4:

If there was one area that Jaeger floored me, it was this set of samples, derived from the singer Soltvedt. Vocal libraries are a tough nut to crack because they possess challenges and hurdles that aren’t present in other instruments from the orchestra. Audio Imperia have knocked it out of the park with their offering in this department.” – Film Score Monthly
Definitely jaw-dropping sound from a library.”
“Holy mother of Norway what a vocal patch!! Yeez. That legato. Hats off.”

The library comes with:

  • Legatos (Aah / Ooh / Mmm).
  • Sustains (Aah / Ooh / Mmm).
  • Riser Scales (in Major/Minor and Soft/Loud).
  • Phrases (in Major/Minor and Soft/Loud).

Merethe Soltvedt is an award-winning vocalist who has performed for composers such as Jeff Broadbent, Henry Lai, Tom Salta, Ivan Torrent and companies like Brand X, Two Steps From Hell, and Ghostwriter Music. A truly unique and very angelic voice that will add a whole other dimension to your music.
Be the Hunter, Not the Hunted!


  • Multiple Vocal Legato Patches (Ah, Ooh, Mmm)
  • Flexible, Expressive Vocal Phrases in Every Key
  • Signature Dual Layer FX Page Kontakt Engine
  • Requires FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT, 5.5.2+
  • Convenient and reliable download via Continuata Connect

Demo Preview:

Synthwave & Retro Dream WAV MIDI PRESETS

By | May 31, 2019

Synthwave & Retro Dream WAV MIDI PRESETS

Synthwave & Retro Dream WAV MIDI PRESETS
Size 583 Mb

Synthwave & Retro Dream

Time to dust off the old analog synthesizers and drum machines. Get into a futuristic DeLorean, throw a tape in the deck and cruise the city all night. What better way to make a nostalgic 80’s soundtrack than with Big EDM’s Synthwave & Retro Dream.

You don’t have to be a product of the ’80s to get on board revisiting one of the most influential genres in electronic music. Big EDM has included 5 construction kits that will let you mix and match audio samples and loops to develop your own tracks that will take your audience Back to the Future.

In addition to the sounds in the Construction Kits, we have also included plenty of amazing, vintage-inspired sounds that defined an era. Dreamy leads and pads, 8th note bass lines, tight kick drums, gated reverb snares, arpeggiated future synths, emotive chord progressions, and new wave/synth pop style vocals.

Drenched in 80’s signature chorus, layer upon layer of wide chugging bass lines, exploratory spacey leads, a kick with boombox style punch and tight snare pop are all you need to live the all night, neon light, Synthwave dream. Our modern approach will infuse your tracks with a vivid and dynamic rhythm that will give you an edge above the rest.

Define your love affair of analog machines, technology, futuristic super cars, night drives, and beach side sunsets with the energetic pulse of Synthwave and Retro Dream from Big EDM.

The fine print:

Here at W. A. Production, we adhere to a strict standard of quality. We spend time behind the board with our hands-on and our ears open. Our producers are affluent in the EDM scene, so you can buy our packs with confidence. Know that you will get the most innovative professional sounds with the utmost respect for audio production quality.

Synthwave & Retro Dream pack contains:

5 Construction Kits loaded with over 115 WAV & MIDI Loops and 14 Sylenth Presets
20 Melody Loops (+ MIDI)
25 Drum Loops
19 Presets for Serum
30 Spire Presets
10 Kicks
10 Snares
10 Hi-Hats
10 Claps

Demo Preview:

Bass Pop: Bass Pop EDM Construction Kits WAV

By | May 31, 2019

Bass Pop: Bass Pop EDM Construction Kits WAV

Bass Pop: Bass Pop EDM Construction Kits WAV
Size 3.23 Gb

Bass Pop: Bass-Pop-EDM Construction Kits is here, proudly containing 50 kits to inspire your next Pop or EDM production. Produced in the styles of popular artists like Meghan Trainor, Fifth Harmony, Ariana Grande, MAGIC! and more, Bass Pop has tons of baselines, synth leads, drum beats, vocal chops, keyboard sounds and FX to choose from. If you’re looking for fun, upbeat modern pop elements with a retro touch, Bass Pop is your new go-to!

Also included are MIDI files for most of the melodic elements so you have full control over the sound of these kits.

Bass Pop: Bass-Pop-EDM Construction Kits has been formatted in the most widely-used formats: Apple Loops, Acidized WAV, and REX files, making it usable in virtually every piece of software and hardware on the market today. In addition, this library comes fully formatted for Kontakt as part of the Big Fish Audio KLI 3.0 Series which transforms this loop library into a truly moldable and musical writing instrument.

Bass Pop: Bass-Pop-EDM Construction Kits has been formatted in all the industry standard file types: Apple Loops, Acidized WAV and REX. Every piece of commonly used hardware and software will be compatible with at least one of these fully developed and usable formats.

Each audio file has been expertly cut and edited to loop perfectly, and has been recorded in the highest quality 24-bit rate to ensure absolutely top quality end results.

If you work primarily with Apple products, be sure to utilize the extra loop tagging functionality in Garageband and Apple Logic as well as Apple’s proprietary time stretching and pitch bending algorithms.

If you’re working inside Protools, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, Sony ACID, or any other DAW on the market, the Acidized WAV files are the perfect fit for time stretching and pitch bending capabilities. The Acidized WAV files can also be used as standard WAV files in almost any music tool in production today.

Beat-makers and artists who love sampled melodic slices can take advantage of our REX/RMX format that utilizes all the powerful programming found in Stylus RMX and the Dr. Octo REX player in Propellerheads Reason.

Acidized WAV:
• 7.32 GB Total Content
• 1,778

Demo Preview:

Studio Trap No Way Out WAV

By | May 31, 2019

Studio Trap No Way Out WAV

Studio Trap No Way Out WAV
Size 84 Mb

‘No Way Out’ by Studio Trap includes 5 banging trap construction kits in the styles of Future, Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Drake, this kit was carefully created and crafted to deliver that melodic trap vibe, all loops are ready to load in your Daw software.

Product details:

5 Mix demos
5 Construction kits
59 Single Wav Files
5 Drum Loop Patterns
47 One Shots
Tempos Labeled
94.74MB Of Content
Compatible w/ all Daws

Demo Preview:

DJ Mixtools 04 Deep & Soulful House WAV

By | May 30, 2019

DJ Mixtools 04 Deep & Soulful House WAV

DJ Mixtools 04 Deep & Soulful House WAV
Size 664 Mb

DJ Mixtools 04 – Deep and Soulful House

DJ MIXTOOLS from LOOPMASTERS is a brand new concept for forward-thinking DJs and live artists. Imagine buying a track but then being able to separate that track into its key elements and having ROYALTY FREE access to remix, effect, chop and loop the parts in your own individual style to create an exciting and refreshing new mix… WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF DJ MIXTOOLS!

In-house Loopmasters producer ANDY LEE who is know internationally by his CENTRAL AVENUE alias is one of the UK’s foremost DEEP & SOULFUL HOUSE producers is proud to bring a selection of four brand new royalty free tracks which are broken down into progressive stems allowing you to mix, remix, loop and add that ultra-cool groove element to your set.

If you are a fan of labels like SALTED, SHIFTED, PURPLE, GO-GO, DUFFNOTE, BARCODA, early SOULFURIC, MN2S and classic DEFECTED & BARGROOVES then these tools are for you. Offering new and exciting possibilities for studio production and live performance, these tools give a DJ the ability to essentially remix live and essentially raises the bar for tools a DJ has at his disposal to work a crowd.

Each pack is created by some of the most respected producers in the scene professionally mastered using state of the art analogue EQ, compression and limiting. All DJ MIXTOOLS are ROYALTY FREE meaning they can be legally released as part of a fresh production.

DJ MIXTOOLS come as packs of four or can be bought as individual ‘tracks’.

Other packs to follow include Minimal Underground Techno, Swedish House, Tech House & Deep Minimal, Dubstep, Drum n Bass and Trance with plenty more on the schedule.

• 4 Full Deep & Soulful House Tracks
• All DJ Mix Stems Provided
• Evolving 24Bit 32 and 64 bar Loops
• Fully Mastered Ready for Clubs
• Locked Groove (Bass and Drums)
• Breakdowns
• Top Loops
• FX Loops
• Percussion Loops
• Drum Loops
• Chords and Musical Stems
• Bonus One Shot FX and Single Drums
• Royalty-Free
• Ableton Live Compatible

Demo Preview:

Noiiz Midnight by Kainai WAV

By | May 30, 2019

Noiiz Midnight by Kainai WAV

Noiiz Midnight by Kainai WAV
Size 516 Mb

Midnight by Kainai

‘Midnight’ by Kainai, is a vast and varied collection of deep multi-faceted textures that push the boundaries of electronic music. Featuring thick electronic baselines, hard-hitting percussion, crazy FX, punchy beats and organic synths; this pack is the perfect source of inspiration for a multitude of genres including bass music, ambient, minimal and house.

Download ‘Midnight’ today and experience some of Kainai’s most beloved textures and grooves. Looking to develop some rich atmospheric intros? Then it’s time to dive in and sculpt enthralling ambient beds, by combining expansive textural loops with psychedelic electric guitars.

Contains 226 24 Bit Wav Loops, 173 24 Bit Wav One Shots
668 MB Download Size

Demo Preview:

Friedlander Violin v1.5 Combo Edition Kontakt Library

By | May 30, 2019

Friedlander Violin v1.5 Combo Edition Kontakt Library

Friedlander Violin v1.5 Combo Edition Kontakt Library
Size 6.84 Gb

Embertone Friedlander Violin v1.5

We set out to create a virtual violin with malleable, intuitive controls, and an authentic, LIVING sound. From the beginning we wanted c1ontrol over vibrato and dynamics, so we presented Dovid with an insane, almost athletic challenge: to record more than 4000 samples with musical purpose and a beautiful tone, and all WITHOUT VIBRATO! This gives you your own layer of expressivity… a variety of musical parameters at your fingertips so that you can craft and phrase authentic performances.

Friedlander Violin v1.5 UPGRADES

Bug Fixes / Under-the-hood Enhancements

• Some nasty notes have been repaired
• Aftertouch works! Finally!
• Hundreds of new, cleaner staccato samples
• Across-the-board tuning adjustments
• Updated and adjusted all of the EQ’s

Flexible (and moveable) Keyswitches

– Pressing a key-switch hard results in a permanent switch. Let go and the new articulation remains active
– Pressing a key-switch softly results in a momentary switch. Let go and the prior articulation resumes
– Don’t like where we mapped keyswitches? No prob. You can shift them around to fit your workflow
– That lock on the front page of the GUI turns this on/off

Improved Vibrato

Each note has been individually adjusted with a specific EQ response for vibrato – based on reference recordings from Dovid

Better Legato Performance

– Friedlander Violin’s legato is now “VSL style”, which means that playing in a legato style is a bit easier than it used to be
– Prior notes of a melody are now retriggered if held down
– This lets you play trills with ease – simply hold down the first note while playing the destination trill note repeatedly
– We went through every single sample to make sure that the legatos are as even and uniform as possible. What that means for you is that legato transitions are perfectly timed!

800+ MB in new sample content

– Pizzicato – 4X round robin, 4 dynamics including bartok pizzes!
– Tremolos
– Sordino + Sul Pont is available for all articulations
– Sul tasto – performed on the fingerboard
– Immediate attack sustains – not harsh, not “normal” attacks
– “Emo” attack sustains – an emotional swell into each new sustain

Improved Dynamic Response ppp –> ff

With the upgrade, the dynamics controller has a much wider range… from the quietest ppp all the way up to a ballsy fortissimo!

New GUI Controls

– Responsiveness – you can control the legato’s responsiveness… as this value goes up, it alters the start point of each legato transition, giving you a faster transition (at the expense of the full legato sample).
– Transition Attenuation – if you find that any transitions are sticking out, or you want to de-emphasize the effect of an individual set of legato transitions, this knob will do just that! The higher the value, the more accentuated the momentary dip in volume will be.
– True Legato – For those who don’t need true legato, clicking this button will bring your memory consumption waaaay down, leaving the rest of the articulations to enjoy.
– Ensemble Randomization – one can now randomize the timing for the ensemble. This way, if the tightness of the group is 80 ms, you can randomize THAT value by a degree so that every note’s timing is just a little bit different among the virtual players.

Memory/CPU Improvements

– Even with all of the new content, the instrument carries a smaller memory footprint, AND is more efficient on your CPU than the prior version!
– You now can purge the legato transitions if you aren’t using them, freeing up a lot of memory while giving you access to all the other articulations!

• Kontakt/Kontakt Player 5.3.1+ required

Demo Preview:

Mycrazything Sounds Deep Tech Weapons By Alan de Laniere WAV

By | May 30, 2019

Mycrazything Sounds Deep Tech Weapons By Alan de Laniere WAV

Mycrazything Sounds Deep Tech Weapons By Alan de Laniere WAV
Size 169 Mb

“In this pack you will find everything to create a new, unique sound of Deep Tech music.

This pack inspired by the best Superstars labels of Tech House and Deep Tech music like Crosstown Rebels, Stil Vor Talent, Diynamic, Noir Music, Mother Recordings and more!

Our Loops and Sounds are coming from analogue Synthezisers like Korg ARP Odyssey, Moog Sub Phatty, Elektron Analog Keys, Elektron Analog Four, Novation Peak, Roland System-8, Roland System-8, Moog Sub 37, Access Virus TI2, Dave Smith Pro 2, Minimoog Model D, Roland Jupiter-80, Dave Smith Prophet-6, Dave Smith Prophet 12 , Dave Smith OB-6, Elektron Digitakt, Elektron Octatrack MKII.

They are recorded in a professional studio with high end equipements like SSL, Neve, Universal audio, SPL, Antelope, Avalon , Tube-Tech and more.

All samples are tempo-tagged, meaning they’ll slot right into your arrangement and match to the tempo of your project.

All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free (including the vocal loops), so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.

Product Specifications:

• 16 Drum Loops
• 16 Top Loops
• 15 Synth Loops
• 15 Vox
• 15 SFX Sounds
• 15 One Shot Kick
• 15 One Shot HH
• 15 One Shot Clap
• 15 Perc Loops

Download Contains:

• 137 WAV Files at 124 bpm
• Download size: 349 MB (unzipped)
• Loops sync to BPM
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• BPM and Key available
• PC/Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free (No Exceptions)

*Other genres that this package may be useful in:

• Deep House
• House
• Techno

Demo Preview: