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91Vocals 2 Hearts Bedroom DnB & Garage WAV

By | April 3, 2024

91Vocals 2 Hearts Bedroom DnB & Garage WAV ‘2 Hearts’ serves sweetness and bounce, pairing bubbly melodies and skippy drums indebted to late ‘90s and 2000s UK dance music. Y2K-era sounds and samples mixed with modern pop production and cool, breezy bedroom pop vocals. Diving deep into contemporary Drum and; Bass and Garage aesthetics, with sharp edges removed,… Read More »

91Vocals Pure RnB Soul Nosa Apollo x Mike Brainchild WAV

By | April 2, 2024

91Vocals Pure RnB Soul Nosa Apollo x Mike Brainchild WAV Nosa Apollo and Mike Brainchild are two of the UK’s foremost multi-genre producers, multi-instrumentalists, and songwriters, with influence and credits across acclaimed RnB, Pop, and Afrobeat releases. In their debut sample pack collaboration ‘Pure RnB Soul’ they’ve fused their signature sounds, with laid-back guitar motifs and smooth RnB… Read More »

91Vocals Sweet Lies UK House Vocals WAV

By | March 27, 2024

91Vocals Sweet Lies UK House Vocals WAV ‘Sweet Lies’ delivers upfront, club-ready female vocal hooks, phrases, and vocal drops for modern UK House music. Featuring power toplines, catchy melodies, and vocal fx loops ready to drop into your production or chop and resample. Plus glossy adlibs, riffs and runs to add ear candy layers. Featuring the strong, powerful… Read More »

91Vocals Speed Dance WAV

By | March 13, 2024

91Vocals Speed Dance WAV 91Vocals presents Speed Dance, a high-octane mix of sped-up techno, vocal dream house, pure euro-dance, and 90s rave nostalgia. Blending blissed-out vocal hooks, hard piano stabs, virtual analog synths, and pounding drums. Experience euphoric electronica samples dripping in saturation and uplifting atmospheres. Providing definitive club sounds, from uplifting stutter vocals and essential rave FX… Read More »

91Vocals Club RnB x Trapsoul Vocals WAV

By | March 12, 2024

91Vocals Club RnB x Trapsoul Vocals WAV Introducing Club RnB x Trapsoul Vocals. Experience upfront RnB club vocals, late-night cruising heartbreak hooks, and the smokey Trapsoul sounds of the 4am afterparty. Featuring perfectly balanced male vocals, club-ready riffs, resampled ambient adlibs, and layered melodies. Plus a selection of wavy songstarters, melody loops, and drums. All original, royalty-free vocals featuring… Read More »


By | March 9, 2024

91Vocals GLOWPOP OVERLOAD WAV GLOWPOP OVERLOAD, a vibrant sample collection bursting with retro-futuristic pop and ultra-modern production. Vocals and melodies flow over driving synth bass, euphoric songstarters, guitar riffs, and polished power drums. Expertly created and crafted by Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter, mixer, and multi-instrumentalist Charlie McClean, exclusively for 91Vocals. Vocals include vocal hooks, chops, vocoders, one-shots, and ear-candy… Read More »

91Vocals Come Thru Jersey Drill x RnB WAV

By | February 27, 2024

91Vocals Come Thru Jersey Drill x RnB WAV This is ’Come Thru – Jersey Drill x RnB’, an uptempo fusion of signature Jersey Club bounce, rapid-fire Drill percussion, and flipped RnB samples. A seamless blend of hard 808s, ambient female vocals, and late-night RnB aesthetics to make the bed squeak. Authentic samples blending warm vintage keys, analog synth… Read More »

91Vocals The One RnB Love Songs WAV

By | January 30, 2024

91Vocals The One RnB Love Songs WAV You’ve finally found ‘The One’, a deep collection of wavey RnB cuts, upfront female vocals, and punchy drums. Original samples, expertly composed and resampled, blending soulful chords with textured keys, acoustic guitar, and analog synths. Immerse yourself in sounds saturated in modern alt-RnB production techniques. Exploring a distinctive range of moods,… Read More »

91Vocals Deep House Vocal Hooks WAV

By | January 24, 2024

91Vocals Deep House Vocal Hooks WAV Introducing Deep House Vocal Hooks by 91Vocals, an extensive collection of mesmerizing female vocals, pitched and processed toplines, drop melodies, and vocal chops. From dark and soulful tones to vibrant and emotive energy, these vocals are tailored for Deep House while seamlessly adaptable to various House sub-genres, EDM, Trap, and beyond. Authentically… Read More »

91Vocals Soulmates Vintage Classics WAV

By | November 8, 2023

91Vocals Soulmates Vintage Classics WAV ‘Soulmates – Vintage Classics’ is a curated collection of original soul samples, vintage vocals, live instrument loops, and vinyl cut melodics. Paying tribute to the classic soul records that have shaped hip-hop and continue to inspire. For the crate diggers, vinyl lovers, and modern producers searching for rare gems. Plus select cuts, flipped… Read More »

91Vocals Star Girl Lofi Synthwave WAV

By | November 1, 2023

91Vocals Star Girl Lofi Synthwave WAV Soak in the neon glow with ‘star girl – lofi synthwave’, where bittersweet melodies intertwine with driving synth bass, dreamy vocals, and the rhythmic pulse of machine drums. Featuring uplifting songstarters and melodic stacks built on foundations of deep saturation, tape hiss, and nostalgic analog drift. Designed to inspire synthwave, dreamwave, indie… Read More »

91Vocals The Baddest RnB Flips WAV

By | October 3, 2023

91Vocals The Baddest RnB Flips WAV Somewhere beyond digital digging and vintage 90s acapellas exists ‘The Baddest’, a deep collection of flipped RnB cuts, velvet vocals and crisp drums. Original samples combining soulful chords, live guitar and keys, and analog synths were crafted and curated to capture the heart and soul of RnB aesthetics. Then resampled and reimagined… Read More »

91Vocals Power House Vocals WAV

By | September 15, 2023

91Vocals Power House Vocals WAV Club ready, festival anthem vocals are hard to find. Power House Vocals serves up powerful female vocal hooks, high-octane vocal drops and 90s dance inspired riffs and melodies. Inject pure energy and soulful melodies directly into your production. All original and royalty-free samples featuring the dynamic and versatile voice of singer Sabrina Altan.… Read More »

91Vocals pov sad boy summer WAV

By | September 14, 2023

91Vocals pov sad boy summer WAV A mood and an experience, ‘pov: sad boy summer’ blends the intimate sounds of bedroom pop with driving synthwave influenced alt-pop and nostalgic 80s elements. Combining radio-ready male vocal hooks with crisp acoustic guitar loops, electric guitar layers, and retro synth foundations. Explore a full collection of original vocal samples delivering powerful… Read More »

91Vocals UK Garage Vocals WAV

By | September 9, 2023

91Vocals UK Garage Vocals WAV As described in our Terms of Use, you may not use Leanne Louise’s name, image, or likeness without 91Vocals’ and the artist’s express written permission. 91Vocals proudly presents UK Garage Vocals, a deep selection of upfront female vocals and club-ready vocal loops. Sweet RnB melodies and attitude-filled acapellas have powered Garage music since… Read More »