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Renraku Slow Burn Trap Soul Vocals Sample Pack WAV

By | December 30, 2022

Renraku Slow Burn Trap Soul Vocals Sample Pack WAV Dreamlike and ethereal synth melodies, piano loops, and haunting, unrequited vocals create intense and melancholy atmospheres. SLOW BURN was crafted to help producers express their feelings and ignite their productions with raw, emotive power through its inclusion of beautiful melodies and powerful drums. Whether your intention is to paint… Read More »

Renraku Warped Rhythms WAV

By | October 11, 2022

Renraku Warped Rhythms WAV 92elm returns to Renraku with WARPED RHYTHMS: a powerful sample pack dedicated to unorthodox grooves, texturally enticing one-shots, and imaginative FX. Spanning the range from ‘Kitchen Sink type beat’ to ‘Saturday morning cartoon antics in a drum loop’ WARPED RHYTHMS brings serious flair to percussion samples. Focusing on often overlooked sounds and textures and… Read More »

Renraku Surreal Lofi Hiphop WAV

By | August 26, 2022

Renraku Surreal Lofi Hiphop WAV South of reality, floating downstream, eyes wide and taking in the surroundings. SURREAL both encapsulates and expands upon ethereal, dreamlike states within the lo-fi hip hop genre. Reinforcing producers with the tools necessary to paint vivid sonic imagery, these sounds move past ‘beats to chill to’ and quickly & effortlessly move into ‘beats… Read More »

Renraku Jon Casey Future Beats Vol.3 WAV

By | August 24, 2022

Renraku Jon Casey Future Beats Vol.3 WAV Jon Casey makes his return to Renraku with his third installment of the Future Beats series. Armed with a contact mic and an unlimited amount of imagination. Jon’s penchant for hypnotic and unorthodox rhythms shines through as he manipulates distorted fragments of sound into hip-shaking grooves. FUTURE BEATS 3 also features… Read More »

Renraku Dust & Ash WAV FXP

By | July 2, 2022

Renraku Dust & Ash WAV FXP Faint glowing signals from long-since abandoned devices course through landscapes ranging from smoldering craters, icy wastes, and barren deserts resulting in DUST AND ASH. Drawing inspiration from equal parts sci-fi landscapes and decay in the modern era, DUST AND ASH was designed with a sense of place in mind. Drawing inspiration from… Read More »

Renraku Mercurial WAV

By | April 1, 2022

Renraku Mercurial WAV Shifting 808s. ethereal melodies and hard-hitting, gritty drums collide in MERCURIAL. Created with flexibility and inspiration in mind, MERCURIAL provides producers with materials necessary to ignite a studio session with an instrumental from scratch or provide a different point of view when shifting focus to a new idea. Contains: 163 one shots 236 loops Download… Read More »

Renraku Aether Atmospheric Electronica WAV

By | March 18, 2022

Renraku Aether Atmospheric Electronica WAV With a focus on late night, after-hours chill out sounds and driving, melodic elements; AETHER conjures up sounds and styles perfect for unwinding after a long night out. Heavy emphasis on texture and atmospheric elements are the main focus of AETHER. Whether your goal is to create something memorable for the mainstage or… Read More »


By | February 11, 2022

Renraku ALEPH SYNTHETIC MATERIALS WAV ALEPH makes his return to Renraku with SYNTHETIC MATERIALS, the latest research and development driven sample pack for painstakingly modeled, realistic sounds. Starting from the perspective to model natural percussive and melodic instruments, ALEPH has forged a new direction by injecting his signature approach to sound design on each sound; creating both immediately… Read More »

Renraku Drill Essentials WAV

By | December 19, 2021

Renraku Drill Essentials WAV 808 glides that warp and twist with intensity, tense and menacing atmospherics, really dang good drums! DRILL ESSENTIALS is meant to serve as a platform for everyone from artists looking to dip their toes into the genre, to seasoned veterans reaching for that perfect loop to finish a track. Pack details: 121 one shots… Read More »


By | February 2, 2021

TAGS: Renraku LOST TAPES 001 WAV A collection of finely tuned, heartfelt drums, guitar licks, brass, and piano loops painstakingly processed through a variety of tape devices to bring warmth and character to your productions. Curating a strong vibe, these samples are the perfect jumping-off point into creating personal and intimate sounds with ease. Perfect for Lo-fi explorations,… Read More »

Renraku Beat Tape Unlimited WAV

By | December 9, 2020

Renraku Beat Tape Unlimited WAV Drawing influence from hip-hop pioneers like J Dilla, The Alchemist, and Madlib, as well as from avant garde electronic musicians like Flying Lotus, Ivy Lab, and Hudson Mohawk, Beat Tape Unlimited is a collection of drums, synths, riffs, and fx that seeks to represent the breadth of hip-hop production and beat making found… Read More »

Renraku Hard Trap Essentials (Samples & Serum Presets)

By | November 26, 2020

Renraku Hard Trap Essentials (Samples & Serum Presets) Whether you’re new to the game, or are an up-and-comer looking to make your next hit, Hard Trap Essentials is the perfect tool kit to get you that next feature locked down. With over 300 one-shots, 250 loops, and 90+ Serum presets, these finely-honed resources are an essential piece in… Read More »

Renraku Complete Void WAV

By | November 10, 2020

Renraku Complete Void WAV Whether you’re new to the game, or are an up-and-comer looking to make your next hit, Complete Void offer’s a spaced out, visceral, and utterly relentless selection of new Trap and Beat production staples. With over 300 one-shots, and over 120 Drum and Melody loops, these finely-honed samples are the perfect fit to fill… Read More »

Renraku ALEPH Outlines 001 WAV

By | October 20, 2020

Renraku ALEPH Outlines 001 WAV Future and Past, light and dark, Analog and digital. Warped and twisted by the extreme precision held in today’s audio production, OUTLINES by ALEPH gives the producers the foundation for covering the full spectrum of audio production in ALEPH’s own raw design. LEFTFIELD BASS 47 LOOPS 133 ONE SHOTS Renraku Global Media have… Read More »

Renraku Beatmaker Essentials WAV

By | August 15, 2020

Renraku Beatmaker Essentials WAV BEATMAKER ESSENTIALS is a gift to aspiring and established musicians looking to stand out on a fundamental level from the Internet’s overwhelming stock of “type beats” and other rap-focused production. DET’s latest sample pack shows off his impressive abilities for groove and one-shot creation, clear from the assortment of subtle textures and characteristics that… Read More »