Sonic Academy Track Walkthroughs UMEK – Whiff Punishing

By | June 20, 2020

Sonic Academy Track Walkthroughs UMEK - Whiff Punishing

Sonic Academy Track Walkthroughs UMEK – Whiff Punishing

This week we’re bringing you another awesome exclusive here at Sonic Academy and proudly welcome one of the world’s most prolific techno artists UMEK for a track walkthrough taken from his recent Predator EP release on 1605 – ‘Whiff Punishing’.

Over these 13 videos we get an insane insight into Umek’s workflow, his go-to plugins, processing techniques and methods, and with the amount of number one spot’s on Beatport he’s had, Umek’s advice is gospel when it comes to this genre.

From the aggressive lead to the driving bass and percussive elements to transitions, effects and mastering, this detailed breakdown of the track has it all.

Learn from a master of his craft who plays the biggest clubs in the world and releases techno in its truest form.

Simply not to be missed.


Tutorial 01 – Playthrough and Introduction

Tutorial 02 – Main Synth Line

Tutorial 03 – Bass and Kick

Tutorial 04 – Hi-Hats

Tutorial 05 – Percussion

Tutorial 06 – Synth FX and Synth Talking

Tutorial 07 – FX

Tutorial 08 – Plugins

Tutorial 09 – Samples and Presets

Tutorial 10 – Automation

Tutorial 11 – Arrangement

Tutorial 12 – Buses

Tutorial 13 – Mastering

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