91Vocals Vocal Hooks – Mint Label WAV

By | February 11, 2020

91Vocals Vocal Hooks: Mint Label WAV

91Vocals Vocal Hooks: Mint Label WAV


Vocal Hooks – Mint Label is the highly anticipated follow up to our most popular vocal collection ’Pink Label’. Featuring original vocal toplines, adlibs, drop defining vocal loops and chopped and pitched phrases. Our resident vocalist and songwriter Kate Wild worked closely in the studio with professional session singers to create inspired lyrics and melodies. As always we guarantee 100% original samples, royalty free, recorded in-house, and using the very best high end microphones and analogue hardware.

We selected our favourite performances from sessions in three different keys and tempo and every sample has been transparently tuned and timed to create truly premium vocals. Pro vocal engineer and pop producer Charlie McClean mixed and processed the vocal sessions with meticulous attention to detail, lending her expertise in vocal tuning and editing.

To maximise flexibility, we include dry hooks with clean processing and ‘wet’ samples taking full advantage of our custom vocal chain of crisp EQs, compression, reverb, delay, vocal doubling, harmonised stacks and stereo widening. We encourage you to slice, pitch, effect and mangle!

Please note: This is a vocal pack ONLY, other sounds contained within the demo song are for illustration purposes only.

This pack contains:

24bit Quality

62 Vocal Hooks
6 Pitched & Chopped – Vocal Loops
3 Vocal riffs – Vocal Loops
5 Vocoders – Vocal Loops
7 A Libs – One Shots
6 Chops- One Shots
3 Phrases- One Shots
19 Vocal riffs- One Shots
100% Royalty Free


Demo Preview:

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